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Release date: 5 October 2011 (USA)
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural
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Summary: A violent, erotically charged horror story about a troubled family in a haunted L.A. mansion.

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  • toni

    When will season4 freak show be up?

    • Jade

      the fall. they havent released a date yet

      • Shannon

        It will be aired October 8th 😀

        • Dominic


  • inayah

    wat time?

  • ahsfreak

    Will you be uploading ahs based on the American release date or UKs release date?

  • Elizabeth

    Are you going to upload tonights episode Season 4 Freak show? <3 Please? 🙂

    • AHS

      I have 5 tabs of different sites, waiting for it to pop up lol

      • earl


  • irene

    where is freak show:(((

  • doobydrew

    i keep refreshing it every ten minutes just to see if its there! so exited!!!!!!!!

  • AMH releases were late today. I don’t know what happened.

  • Ellie

    When will you be uploading Freak Show?

  • Judithsexahs

    i want the episode two of season four. now.

    • Gerard Dunne

      You ungrateful shit wait the guy is doing his best and for free if you don’t like it then fuck off and watch it somewhere else but bet it’s not as good as here that’s why your on here in the first place so just be happy for what his doing okay

      • Lucy


  • bandi

    are you going to put up AHS season 4 episode 2 today?

  • jyates

    Omg I can’t wait no more!!! Need to see season 4 episode 2!!!

  • LittleLethal23

    How come this is never posted right away and other shows are???? I want to watch it NOW!!!!

  • aishlin

    when will episode 4 be up? sorry to sound annoying/rude but they don’t play it in australia

  • Eliz

    EPISODE 4 SEASON 4 : the link is not working!

  • whit

    Please fix tonights link! Its not showing up

  • shaanxoxo

    when will episode 4 of season 4 be up?

  • IzzyPwn

    S4 E4 link isn’t working…….

  • Jamie

    Episode 4 freakshow (Edward mordrake pt2) isn’t working

  • sweetlejuice

    im trying to watch ep4 s4 but when it takes me to a new window it says it cannot be found??? please help!

  • Elliewellylemonjelly

    Why isn’t episode 4 working 🙁

  • Rachel Paley

    ep 4 dosnt work

  • Jamie

    Anyone know another website to watch pt2

  • Your Mother

    Get it fixed EPISODE 4 SEASON 4 : the link is not working!

  • Alex

    Go to episode 3: Then, in the top link change episode 3 to 4. And Change Edward Mordrake (1) to (2). It has been uploaded, it is just not showing

    • Mr_Wumble

      THIS WORKS!!!

  • Mr_Wumble

    Go to episode 3: Then, in the top link change episode 3 to 4. And Change
    Edward Mordrake (1) to (2). It has been uploaded, it is just not
    showing. This works!! (FIX FROM ALEX!!)

  • Emma

    the page is not found on the latestt episode!

  • ambassador888

    click the link then go to the url and replace episode 3 with episode 4

  • Emily Kathryn Graham


    • Cuntemploder

      Boohoo if it’s that big of a deal find another site or make your own site. They are trying your best and if it wasnt for them you’d be waiting for it on dvd so quit bitching

    • it’s working perfectly fine from here. try to read how to watch page.

    • You’re An Asshole

      LOOOL, Calm your damn tits.

  • Keri

    When does episode 5 go up?

  • eriq

    Why isn’t episode 5 on yet ? It says 10 o’clock

  • michele

    Does anyone know when the link to ep 5 will be fixed?

  • LittleLethal

    Season 4 episode 6 isn’t working, it shows that it’s there but it goes to pink cupcakes when you click on it.

  • Isabella

    Season 4 episode 6 isn’t right. Instead of showing episode 6 it’s showing episode 5. Please fix this.

  • michele

    Anyone know when ep 7 will be fixed?

  • Directioner

    I have never watched the show, I was wondering how scary it is. I watch Supernatural and thrillers. I’m 17 so anyone my age watching it? And how scary is it? Pls and thank u!!!!

    • Amanda

      If you’ve seen supernatural, then you’re totally ready. This show contains A LOT of violence and gore, so you shouldn’t be surprised. It’s really good

  • Keri

    How come episode 8 isn’t up yet? It’s been a week nearly

  • Sin03clair

    Ep 8 sound is messed up, all u hear is music and when they talk it is all silent with loud digital noise

  • lalalallala

    Episode 6 not working?

  • Kquerra Brown

    episode 7 isnt working either

  • angi

    can someone just say thank you for once?
    thanks to everybody who makes the site possible despite rude people who just come here to demand and bitch for broken links. im sure the administrator(s) try their hardest and will fix the links when they can. if you cant wait..go somewhere else.

    • Lucy

      ;D Applauding You

  • LittleLethal

    Is Freakshow on tonight??

  • Emily

    I’ve just started watching American horror story so at the moment I’m on season 1 episode 8 but it says there is no video code can someone help please

    • Jerome

      Press one of the other links. They’re little tabs, just press another one.

  • LeeNLisa

    It’s 10 o’clock

  • Victoria x

    I’m thinking of watching AHS. How is it?? ;3 Please respond!

  • yes

    s3e14 database error on the link btw