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Arrow CW tv series

Release date: 10 October 2012 (USA)
Status: Returning, Season 5
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
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Summary: A billionaire playboy and expert archer becomes a vigilante who is out to right the wrongs created by his family and restore his beloved city back to its former glory after being shipwrecked for five years on a remote island.

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  • Mikkel Thrysøe Kristensen

    Since when did this turn in to gossip girl…?

    • TV_Critic

      Since the web owner realized this show was better and routed you here instead

      • Dan Troll


  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    ummm What happened? This site was headed downhill for a While, but it looks like they pissed off the wrong hacker.

    • Mega Striker


      • aaharlol

        That was like 3 months

        • CynicalGames

          And thats why it says on his comment a year ago

  • Jadin Lushenko

    so do we not get to see older episodes?

  • mark

    when is epi 19 coming out?

    • Episode 19 will air on April 16, 2014

      • Unseptium


        Could you please check up on this serie, since episode 12 to 15 got deleted?

  • Jo

    The Tomorrow People is messed up and won’t show up please fix!!!

    • The link is already fixed. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Red John

    @nips101:disqus, where is The Mentalist and it’s episodes?
    Please upload.

  • Faty

    The Arrow episodes don’t match the show…started after Crucible

  • Bart

    Fucking hate this site! It used to be great but i cannot watch anything because of the fucking ad popups every fucking 5 seconds!!

    • Alvis Jo Kerr

      Never had that issue… except when first starting the video, but exiting those windows and or muting the ads works just fine.

    • Mikeassasin

      I use ps4 and its fine

      • zeroice

        How do you get this to play through your PS4? I tried with the built in browser, and it told me flash wasn’t supported or something. Wouldn’t play.

  • McGoo43

    Bart you do know to install the adblock software that the site says recommends in the how to watch section right?

  • TwiggiestDrop

    For info: Series 1 Epsiodes 12-16 are Revolution not Arrow x

  • Marwin Ayo

    Admin can you correct the season 12-16 it is not Arrow it is Revolution… Please can you check it

  • Marwin Ayo

    Sorry it is Season 1, Episode 12-16

    • DeadAdmin

      sorry about the mixed up. we already fixed the videos thank you for telling us

  • Benjamin Šabanović

    when will come first episode of season 3

  • Okba Hadjadj

    Always waiting impatiently for next episodes…

  • Alexiz

    When does episode 3 come? Just cant wait haha 🙂

    • Jules

      Wedndesday, October 22!

  • bree

    no update??

  • Zain

    WHEN IS EPISODE 4 TELL ME NOW!!!! (specified to DeadAdmin)

  • SystemSlave

    It’s one of the best ongoing series…

  • Emma Whit

    Umm… what’s going on? I cant watch any of the episodes. It just says they aren’t there?

  • michelle

    what the! roy killed sara??!!

  • Emma Whit

    Love this show so much! I just cannot get enough of it

  • Alvis Jo Kerr

    I love this show. started watching and finished all of the episodes in about four days. Even with some of the overly girl tones and gratuitous shirtless scenes, I must admit that this show is my new favorite.

  • Alvis Jo Kerr

    Just wish the episodes here would post before project free, because the quality here is much better.

  • ojloc

    where is the episode 7 of the arrow season 3

  • Taylor

    Season 8 !!!! When !!!!

    • Guest

      wtf are you talking about? season 8?

  • Please Fix!u

    The site is one whole day back for me, today is the 27 of November but on here the timetable is for the 26 of November. pls Fix!

  • The Arrow

    Have you guys watch flash episode 8. It is super cool watching arrow fight with the flash.

  • penisbrain

    when 8 comin out

  • Clark

    I hope they make an A.T.O.M. spinoff as well.

  • Guest

    why can’t i view the videos anymore? when i close out of the ads, all i see is white background where the video is suppose to be

  • fazlo76

    Why is there repetitive episodes S2 Ep 7 is 6 , 8 is 7 idk even know if am on right track anymore :l

  • Sky

    Whrs episode 10 of season 3

  • MaxPower

    Show is on mid-season break. Next episode (10) will air in Feb.

  • You don’t need my name do you?

    where is episode 10 fuck 2 weeks no ep 10 i can’t fucking wait another week.

  • Weird!!

    where is episode 10 of season 3??? 3 weeks now

  • madkingdiamond

    where is episode 10 ?????????

  • Johnny

    Does anyone know when ep10 is due out??

    • Lashawn

      It airs on 1/21

  • john shepard

    Damn lot of selfish comments here, god forbid you be inconvenienced by a site you in no way pay for..

  • Yeul

    honestly season 3 episode 10 was worth the wait.

  • Aaron Rayray

    cant wait for S03E11

  • Mega Striker

    is the best series so far for me

  • Aanchal Joshi

    Watch and download Arrow online => Youmovieset . com

  • prince

    when is` s03 e15 comming out

  • charlie

    how long on average does it take for a show to appear here after it has aired? thanks

  • FrankEinstein

    Where is episode 15?

  • avatar korra

    I like this show, this (the arrow ) is my favourite of all . I also like flash, agents of shield. I love adventure ,fighting, heroic, fantasy series and movie I had watch all marvel and DC comic movies.

    • Nicole

      legends of tomorrow?

  • avatar korra

    I want to watch ep 16 of s2 right now:/:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • TrenchWar

    Ep. 16 tonight, where is it

    • Marshall

      There’s a 3 week break

      • TrenchWar

        Ahh… I had no idea. Thanks man

      • prince

        ahhh shucks!!!!!!
        so whens the next episode comming Out??

  • BruHh

    when is the next episode coming out ?? The suspense is killing me!!

  • Elson

    Episode 14 season 3 comes up as page not found ? Anyone else having this problem

    • xhadow

      i am 🙁

  • xhadow

    episode 14 page not found :/

  • john shepard

    season3 ep 14 is gone

  • Cody

    Is this site safe to use? worried about getting charged

    • ghost


  • steve

    hi series cravings can u get the series atlantis put on here pls wud be very appreciated thanks

  • Arrow Driver

    started using this site, quite good, its a site that has all the episodes of all seasons and not buffering 🙂

  • Sam1069

    Season3 e12 above is gone…. Why ?? TT I wish i can watch it.

  • FishoftheSea


  • Copy and Paste the link above to watch Todays episode!

  • Alex

    Where are episodes 12, 13, 14, and 15? @nips101:disqus

  • mamamia

    omg pls put up more episodes for season 3 come on!!!

  • annoyed

    i have to wait three weeks to watch ep. 19 ?!?!

    • Justin Ballen

      Literally 2 seconds on google:

      Season number: 3

      Episode number: 19

      Air date: April 15, 2015

  • Huntress

    When’s the next episode

  • angie moses

    I love this episode

  • Kyros Clarence Deathlock Yeo

    In the series, every time when there is news flash, it will be on Flash, the Star Lab and the Particle Accelerator… curious…

    • Nicole

      lol because they’re from the same universe. DC. And in that universe the Flash is famous. I wondered what Arrow thought about his kid having a Flash bag hahaha


    felicity smoak is so fucking annoying every episode she needs to be involved or in the spotlight fml

    • SoilerOfImamMehdi YaAllah

      lol true

      • Nicole

        Why not. She’s so awesome! Just because she’s not throwing punches doesn’t mean she’s not fighting. I love it when her and Curtis has to figure some nerdy tech thing out.

  • Kyros Clarence Deathlock Yeo

    must be joking, after i mentioned about the News Flash about Star Lab… suddenly Berry Allen appeared in S2E8…. for the first time and what could be next… OMFG Awsome… Flash and Arrow together, what could have happened next?

  • Jack Johnson

    When episode 23?

  • Kyros Clarence Deathlock Yeo