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Release date: 26 March 2005
Status: Ongoing
Genre: SyFy
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Summary: Doctor Who is the continuing saga of a mysterious time traveler who picks up human companions and faces evil foes with little more than his wits and a sonic screwdriver while he journeys throughout time and space in the TARDIS—a unique craft disguised as a police call box.

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  • Kayzar

    Season 2, episode 14 is messed up. It is showing the Season 1 Episode 15. All 3 links have the same issue.

    • DeadAdmin

      Fixed. Sorry for the mixed up.

  • Nik

    Can you please upload the new episode? Thanks 🙂

    • Nick Agriesti

      It seems to be across the board on all such sites. Just go find a torrent. The xvid link is really good and relatively small.

  • Aaron

    Can you please upload season 8 episode 1 and 2? Not preair

  • Delaney

    Can you upload the second episode of season 8?

  • Ally

    When will the new episodes be uploaded, not the pre air date ones????

    • Episodes 1 and 2 are not preair anymore. Episode 3 will air this weekend.

  • Yhbsdbm

    is it possible to change the genre to “Sci-Fi”? Because SyFy is just an american tv channel and has nothing to do with science fiction and that really bothers me, thanks!

    • watcher26

      SyFy was supposed to be a new way to identify the SciFi Channel but the decided that they didn’t need to be true to the idea that it was a channel dedicated to SciFi television and the channel has gone downhill ever since… but people around here use syfy as an alt version just kewl is to cool

    • who cares

      Dude who cares if its SyFy or Sci-Fi? Is it your website? Let them do what they want.

  • Hidayat

    Series craving tv is the best site I’ve been. Cheers !

  • Nick

    They will upload when the have the fucking time to piss off. Ypu are watching for fucking free!

  • Crosscan09

    Plz add ep10 S8 thank you

  • Keira

    Can you upload the S8 EP10 please! I’ve been waiting for ages!

  • john shepard

    have to agree with yhbsdbm, syfy is NOT a genre in any way, science fiction (sci-fi) please fix when given a chance, thanks.

  • Del

    Season finale please?

  • watcher26

    what happened to the front end of series cravings?? it doesn’t allow you to page through previous pages of episodes which suck since it had doctor who 812 listed but doesn’t seem to be up to date on the listings page.

  • PandaC

    … where’s Death in Heaven? Can we get this updated?

  • Josh

    Where is season 8 episode 12? Please add it

  • bob

    Can you upload the new s8 episodes?

  • via

    Um where is the death in heaven episode? We have been waiting for over a month now?

  • watcher26

    It is a pain but if you need to get it since nobody seems to be home here. check in the front page area, you’ll have to cycle through several pages but it is there… or at least that is where I thought I got it

  • watcher26

    Get rid of that front end. It’s pretty, but, pretty awful to use, Truly Cumbersome. And, because it’s there you seem to be neglecting the listings page

  • Carlee

    Who cares it’s just a word.

  • Lol

    So when’s ep 14 out?

    • Logastellus

      Exactly. If there are any new episodes for season 8 please upload them!