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Game of Thrones HBO tv series

Release date: 17 April 2011 (USA)
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
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Summary: Nine noble families fight for control over the mythical lands of Westeros, while a forgotten race returns after being dormant for thousands of years.

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  • mlb

    What the heck has happened to this website? Totally bummed.

    • Mother of Dragons

      They ran an update… duh!

      • Izzy

        no someone hacked it.

  • Yea

    The worst part is that I only came here for GoT and the new season is coming so now Iam kind of stuck with the “new” website

  • yolo

    I’m pretty sure they are working hard to rebuild the website. It was hacked yesterday and you couldn’t view ANYTHING. That sucked.

  • KD

    Man I really hope they fix the site before GoT season 4 starts

  • Devon Bruce

    All my favorite shows are gone!!! The heck happened??

    • Kyle Hoang

      Someone hacked them last Sunday night

  • Shit in your mouth

    Awesome to see the site getting shows back up, great work guys! Can’t wait for GoT S4!

  • Bj bunn

    someone hacked them last sunday night right before the walking dead was suppose to be on.. but just give them a little time they are working around the clock to restore the site. but it will just take a bit. Thank you Series-Cravings.

    • NobodyEpic

      is ur name Blow job bunn?

  • Siiirra

    what a joke.. it wants me to enter in my CC #…

  • Some kid

    Some hacked This website…

  • Michael Toby Calhoun

    This is actually the OLD format…lol and it’s WAY better than the new format. At least the old format never got HACKED…lol.

  • roy2

    when does Got 4-1 get up?

  • Anon rust


    Appreciate all of your dedication to bringing this site back online!

  • Anon rust

    I am willing to wait. The Series-Cravings crew made it possible for me to watch GoT, and other great shows. I cut my cable back in 2004.

  • shuan

    do u seriously have to give credit card details to watch shows here??

    • read How To Watch Page, no need for credit cards.. this is free

  • Dan King

    Guys , i understand you got hacked recently, but seeing as you have gotten most series to work if not all , any chance you will upload Teen wolf again ?

    • We will post Teen Wolf later today.

      • Dan King

        ummm…i don’t mean to be an ass but… next time say it when you will do it : < make's it easier for the selfish bastards such as myself πŸ˜€ …thank you for going through the trouble to do it and have a very merry Unbirthday πŸ™‚

        • cmore

          You like teen wolf? What a cocksucking faggot.

      • nogard

        please fix the Episode number 3, it says number 2.

  • Gerald Dayne

    DeadAdmin u are the shit brohan, I been watching your stuff for years.. ty man, I want u to have babies with my sister, you’re that fkn awesome bro! keep it up man u got fans πŸ˜‰

  • Aaron Stickel

    Hey DeadAdmin,

    Are you guys going to have Black Sails or Strike Back on here when the new seasons start?

    • Guest

      @nips101:disqus ?

    • Guest

      @nips101:disqus Maybe?

  • John Snow

    Support the site! click every single ad you see! πŸ˜€

  • Dan King

    Yey Joffrey is Dead πŸ˜€ Long LIve the king πŸ˜€
    oh and PS: Spoilers πŸ™‚

    • ShutupYouCunt

      I hope your mother gets cancer… No need for spoiling like that

      • Dan King

        not my fault you read comments before you see the episode, and grow up you little prick πŸ™‚ , also Rhaegar Targaryen’s youngest is alive and heading for the throne :> enjoy my SPOILERS, you little munchkin πŸ™‚

        • Cmore

          Fuckin faggot.

        • C-more

          Hey doesn’t look like rhaegars son is in the GOT season 5? Looks like they aren’t following the books?! Now who’s a fucking idiot? Dumb ass

  • Caroline Fifi

    Yeah!! Good riddance!!!!!!!!!

  • NightOwlGratitude

    Fargo, please. Gracias.

  • glenn

    Thank you Dead Admin for rebuilding this site again.

  • Anon rust

    April 23: I think someone is messing with Series-Cravings. Again.

  • jdog20202

    GoT 4-5 not found? help!

  • Michael Kendrick

    When will boardwalk empier be put back on

  • DC Andrew

    anyone know when SC is going to go back to the old format, they have some old shows that I want to watch and cant

  • Dan King

    That episode (ep 6) was epic of GoT, it ended nicely and Tyrian’s performance was EPIC , can’t wait to see Prince O fight the M hope i din’t spoil too much of it πŸ˜€

    • cmore

      Man stfu nobody cares about your gay ass opinion

  • Anon rust

    THANK YOU DEADADMIN, for all your hard work restoring the Series-Cravings site after the hack. I hope it’s working out for you in the long run. I would never have been able to watch GoT if not for you.

  • Jordan

    does any else know how to stop the commercials that you can hear, but can’t see during a video….

    • Storm

      get AdBlock plus

    • Keith Cooper

      Yes, use firefox…go to extentions, addons and type in “ad blocker” and “redirect blocker” and it blocks all ads…download ALL of the ones you find…firefox will apply them and it can use this site without any ads bothering you.

  • Storm

    DeadAdmin, Anywhere I can contact you directly? I have a few questions πŸ™‚

  • Sir

    man season 4 of game of thrones is really disappointing..

  • niggers


  • james

    where is season 4 episode 8 of game of thrones????

    • Andreas

      It will not be released before the 1st of July officially, so you’ll have to wait until then πŸ™‚

      • sjard

        wish they never released..

    • Kalixto

      Is right there!!!! I saw the episode the next day!!!

  • Alex

    s4. e8? Or is there a break in the season?

  • Kaitaklysm


  • effindoug46

    could you throw sons of anarchy back on im missing the last two seasons, thanks

  • jo

    Where the fuck is episode of g.o.t.

  • jo

    Episode 8 of g.o.t. *

  • Shazar

    Everyone, episode 8 of GOT comes out June 1

  • Crystal

    Game of Thrones Season 1 episodes 4 & 5 are the same…

    • DeadAdmin


  • Sa3eedo1

    thanks :]

  • sjard

    wtf The Mountain and the Viper.. bullshit first class.. i’m actual done now with GoT..

    • Storm

      Well they have to follow the book some what… GoT keeps you on the edge of your seat because any main character can die at any time.

      • sjard

        I totaly understant! and don’t get me wrong, I’m all in for a good slaughter of loved people. But this was just bad writing! The Mountain was dead, The Viper EPIC beast and then he dies in such a lame and bad written way..

        • Fat ugly black man

          Lol arav

  • ZalikaF

    When is season 5 starting ???

    • DeadAdmin

      Next year 2015.

  • Just a beard

    Excellent work on the site, good variety of shows to watch. 5 vicious eyes gouges out of 5.

  • Ruby Star

    I love GAME OF THRONES when does season 5 come out!!β™‘

  • Kiani B

    There are no subtitles when Drogo speaks thats a little frustrating… Is there anything you guys to do to fix that?

  • Curtis Hinds

    How do i watch season 4 G O T, help please.

  • Game of Phones

    when is season 5 coming out?

    • punkpixie

      April 2015

  • Cory Odonnell


  • Sharon Fahy

    Can anybody help me my mate normally gets all my stuff to watch off here at touch of a button, but me well just can’t get my head round it, so suppose if no one can help will have to wait see my mate boo hoo !! I’ve loads catch up on as I’ve been quite poorly … Thanks uk user

  • Ghost

    Any Idea when Season 5 will be out?

  • CominSents

    Season 5 Starts in April )

  • montepython

    ummm, where is gossip girl! It shud be here right next to GOT. come on people. I really need to catch up with gossip girl

  • crystal

    Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1 isn’t working!

  • SystemSlave

    Season 4 episode 1 is Breaking Bad not GoT

  • fyi

    The link for Se3 Ep9 is broken from this page but if you search for the title of the episode if will work FYI.

  • Marilyn Lanier

    can you please fix season 3 episodes 8 and 9

  • Mich

    is season 5 coming

  • Jack

    What the fuck is this videos keep fucking freezing and wont play again since things have been changed pls stop fucking about with things and just leave it the way it is you are not helping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Excuse me where is episode 5- season 5????

    • It hasn’t aired yet… The reason the 4 first episodes are out already is because they were leaked. Episode 2 is the one that was supposed to be aired yesterday. The 3rd episode next week and 4th episode the week after that… So in 3 weeks you can see episode 5 (unless it would be leaked as well that is)…

  • Leslie Dean

    Season 5 Episode 2 ?? No button to play it

  • Denise S

    I hope they get this fixed soon and when will season 5 episode 5 of Game Of Thrones be posted? I want to see what happens next.

  • tiky

    Hey how fast do this website gets the episodes? Game of thrones is tomorrow …do they get the same night?

  • mert

    Why has episode 5 of season 5 not come out yet?

  • Twaha Khan

    When does Episode 6 of Season 5 come out?

  • Ron

    season 3 episode 8 website is broken.. The website cannot be found..pls..fix it..thanks..

    • Twaha Khan

      Try other links.

  • nrgddd

    season 3 episode 7-9 don’t work :(t

  • mert


  • rickus

    wtf asked to make a free account with donnaplay…….still cant watch fa. Im I missing summat obvious here? any help much appreciated.

  • rickus

    whenever I try to watch anything I get sent to the donnaplay website to make an account…ive made 4 so far and still am unable t watch anything. Can anyone explain wtf to do here?

  • vashaw

    where is season 3 episodes 8 and 9?

    • Admin


  • Matthew Lawrence

    where is season 7 episode 7?????

    • Admin

      Still airing on TV

    • aukrien


  • Doflamingo

    yawl are great, thanks