Watch Gotham Online

Gotham Fox tv show

Release date: 22 September 2014
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Adventure, Action, Crime
External Link: , Wiki, Official Site
Summary: An action-drama series following rookie detective James Gordon as he battles villains and corruption in pre-Batman Gotham City.

Season 1

  • jmt

    Love it

  • w

    on the TV
    schedule it says Gotham season 1 episode 3 but when you click on it, there is only episode 1 and 2 not 3

  • Bishop

    yeah sometimes they fall behind other streaming sites have it up.

    • Mike0865

      What other sites are there? Are any as convenient as this site? I really would like to watch Gotham episode 3 that I missed.

      • Bishop

        Pie-Rabbit-Or-Jet End-Cake-Tell
        is what i use when this place is slow.

      • Episode 3 was posted as soon as it came out.

  • Dan King

    GIVE EP 4 🙂 i need to know what Ozzy will propose to Jimmy !

  • Alex

    When is episode 6 showing ??

  • stara83

    new episode comes every wednesday i think

  • GhettoKid123

    On the TV, in my world, Gotham episodes, (NEW EPISODES) Are on Monday’s.

  • Kalus

    Where’s episode 8? It was listed in the TV schedule yesterday but it isn’t there.

  • aceplayer46

    episode 8?

  • Alvis Jo Kerr

    Why are the bringing Harvey Dent and Roman Scionis into the show? They’re supposed to be as old and or around the same age as the Batman… the only thing about the show that makes sense chronologically, so far, is Selena Kyle and the Penguin. Bruce is only 11 or 12 years old in the show. Therefore, Dent and Nigma should be around 15… same with Scionis. Why did they make him 35 to 40? Do they not know that Batman won’t be around for another 8 or 9 years.

    Don’t get me wrong I am enjoying the show, but the only thing that saved it was the overhaul that they did with the story line. That overly cartoon-y direction that they started with was going to kill the show.

    Good job, guys.

    • Alvis Jo Kerr


      • aceplayer46


    • Who The Fuck Cares

      Who cares it’s a show that you are not paying to watch. Quit your bitching. Think you can make a better show? Then do so. Otherwise quit it. People like you that say stuff like this is annoying to people who actualy like the damn show.

      • No one

        why must you be so mean and rude?

    • DeadPixel

      The Dent thing has been bugging me but I’m pretty sure that was Richard Scionis in the show probably Black masks farther. As for Nygma he seems to be in his early twenties so in the ten or so years it would take for Bruce Wayne to start Batmaning Nygma would likely be in his early thirties, it’s certainty older but I think it still fits with Nygmas character.

  • Bilbo

    This is my favorite website for streaming television but i think a better could be done updating the TV schedule in the right hand side. Its not uncommon to see a schedule which is a day or two old.

    • starb0rn

      In the evening it’s updated. It’s just old in the mornings.

  • Phoenixgirl360


  • Mark Harris

    Where’s episode 11?

    • MaxPower

      Show is on break. Comes back in Feb i think.

  • Batman

    Is there any way to get rid of the porno adverts on the right hand side. Some of them are pretty graphic -_-

    • Guy

      Google Ad Blocker is pretty good

    • BC_Birdie

      Get add-on Ad Blocker

    • chirstoff1 .

      ad blocker,is the way to go

    • Smowen

      Clear all your cache and cookies and history, then stop watching Porn!

      • GoFuckYourSelf

        Porn has nothing to do with the AD’s on here, dumbass….

        • king dan

          How would you know?

        • #Creep

          That’s where your wrong… Dumbass. You get Ads based on sites you frequently/recently visited……. So porn has everything to do with ads on here (Porn sites=porn ads, bike sites=bike ads)….. You imbecile.

    • Jaime Walsh


  • Lel

    What time on a Monday does Gotham air? (GMT preferably).

  • matthew

    where is episode 14

    • DAZZA

      dunno aye, its up to episode 15? what is this shit, i wanna watch some prepubic bruce wayne

      • Barry

        You like little boys I see.

      • Jaime Walsh

        thats a gross statement…. pervert

  • Jabiari Skidmore

    Where’s episode 14?

  • Harry

    Where’s episode 14

  • Husnain Magsi

    Episode 14 ?

  • Barry

    You say episode 15 is going to be uploaded tonight, but you don’t have episode 14?

  • Barry

    Oh Jesus! Three episodes!! Yayaaaaa!

  • Barry

    Well, actually two, oops.

  • Reymann

    In what episode is mr. Freeze? i must have missed it.

  • biz

    the kid in e16 must b the joker

    • Keigan

      Joker is in the season finale

  • chirstoff1 .

    super show,fish is a true bitch———–she does not play!!!!!

  • LJDC

    where is episode 19???!!!!

  • Brett

    Just got to episode 14 and it has an error page. I checked the rest of the episodes and they are all the same, is this happening to anyone else or is it just me?

  • briansip

    oooooo get rekt!

  • #Creep

    Is there something going on with the site? like some sort of maintenance or is it just me?…..I’ve noticed on some of the shows on here that a certain amount of episodes are missing like Gotham for example and Chicago P.D.

  • Stickman136

    Where is 16

  • Mike

    I love this show don’t get me wrong, but I just want it to get cancelled already so the CW can buy the rights to Batman..

    • watcher26

      why should this one have to be cancelled in order to get the rights to batman… are we talking about movies, cartoons or a new series I haven’t heard about

      • Mike

        The CW cannot make a television show about Batman or incorporate Batman into shows such as The Arrow or The Flash so long as Fox owns the rights to Batman.

      • Mike

        And they’re not going to sell the rights in the middle of a series about Batman. Therefore they have to cancel it.

  • Luke

    Alot of the shows havent been updated since the server going down a week back… I would guess that is the case with Gotham also

    • Luke

      Maybe after tonights episode everything we will be back to normal…. hopefully…

  • watcher26

    I’ve got up to 17 how many got made?

  • Legolas

    What’s taking so long for them to post the new episodes???? Did they forget about this show? Every other show has been updated since the hack

    • watcher26

      Helix has episode 11, but only on channels that won’t allow me to download

  • EJ

    what happened to all the episodes? i was at episode 17 and now its back at 13

  • Luke

    What episode is it supposed to be up to, 18?

    • dave

      Episodes 15 to 18 are missing for sum reason

  • yep

    the next episode 19 will be on the 4/13/15

    • watcher26

      so where are the episodes after 14, a lot of people haven’t got them and as of this moment I have up to just 17…waiting for the missing episode

  • SystemSlave

    So…when will episode 15 air?

  • Jaime Walsh

    Hey what happened to episodes 15,16,17,18?????

  • Batman

    The Show says season 14. Then it jumps to.19,
    Missed a few? Or spelling mistake.

  • Kyle Yadon

    Where’s episodes 15-18?

  • #Creep

    Could you guys put up 15-18 if possible Please and thanks. I am not complaining, I’d like to take the opportunity however to thank everyone who helps to keep this site active. Not everyone sees the good you guys are doing by offering all this for free but I do and I’d like to say thank you very much.

  • SystemSlave

    What about episodes 15-18

  • Lu

    Are you going to post episodes 15-18?

  • frank

    can we please get episode 15 – 18 pleaseeee someone

  • mfskarphedin

    Watch the missing episodes on Hulu for free (with ads, of course.)

  • Jason Tuberville

    You’re missing episodes 15-18

  • JTannen

    episodes 15-18 are missing

  • guest

    why missing episode 15 16 17 18?

  • Spiral

    Where is ep 15-18

  • Lefika Fixzen Fix Bimbo

    i have episode 1 to 22

  • Coco

    When is next episode coming out? Pls tell me if you know

  • guest

    am i the only one who feels sorry for oswald?the guy is just a kid surrounded by powerful people and all he wants is someone to acknowledge him….someone to treat him as an equal…