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Agents of SHIELD ABC tv series

Release date: 24 September 2013 (USA)
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
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Summary: Agent Phil Coulson assembles a team to investigate extraordinary people and events around the world in this action-adventure series.

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  • Dom Zer0

    hey deadadmin – wtf happened?! a BIG thank you for trying to fix it… I’m really curious, what happened?

    • Linus

      Site got hacked, not sure about the details though..

    • Armourman1

      site got hacked, they are moving to a different server. but i am also really impressed they are also keeping up with the shows

    • ?

      why wood anybody hack this site?

      • Shellz2014

        Certain people don’t want you to be able to watch these shows for free. Think about it.

        • nogard

          don’t think it was that. one of the reasons i think it was is that someone was trying desperately to put this site down to gain more members on other site. it got hacked the night I was online, was trying to watch ep 15 or 16 of Tomorrow People and suddenly the link didn’t work, i thought video link was broke, so I went to try other series, and none of the video links worked. after few min I went to try again because I thought admin was performing video uploads of some sort, and it redirected me to other website, which made me think that series.cravings merged with that website, and made me disappointed, since it was going great and it was awesome to navigate, and had “watched” thing, so I remember what I have about to watch. and, well, turns out that it was hacked…
          someone must be very jealous of this website to be that awesome so they had to ruin it. I’ll stick with series-cravings no matter what. started with this site from Jstream to series-cravings when it was still at the beginning, never let me down as for the videos, always worked, and admins actually fix the broken videos for viewers to be able to watch if the link is broken or wrong.
          Thank you Series-Cravings for being awesome, and thank you for providing us such an awesome website. Wish I could have been of any help.

  • Holy hell, I did not see that coming!!!!

  • MegaProducer FourBars OneDream

    Wow did not see any of this coming! Now this is what Marvel is about!

    • Agreed…

    • hserthneart

      what do u mean ????????

    • Coulson


  • Dan

    please tell me what new site they have moved to I need to see the 18th episode now.

    • nogard

      they didn’t move to anywhere. website got hacked, and they are doing all they can to put it back together. using old structure of the 1st series cravings before upgraded it. so, bare with all of this, because we all feel the same way mate.

  • The old “Look” was the reason the site got hacked, so i will never restore the old one.
    As you know, this is the original “look” of Series Cravings 3 years ago. 🙂

    • Harold

      Please restore almost human

      • Almost Human got cancelled so there is no point re uploading them since they didn’t even finish Season 1.

        • neonas

          Hey DeadAdmin 🙂 than will be second part of second season finale uploaded?

    • nogard

      is there any way to implement the registration system and “watched this episode” system or “favorite shows” to this current layout through programming/coding using similar code of registration database? making constant backups of the website and keep testing. i was wandering the same before, is it difficult to do so? when the website got hacked, it would be easier to start the backup and its up and running. because on my opinion previous version was a lot easier, faster, and much more pleasant, not that i want the website to get hacked again, but to “perfect it slightly”. the season dropdown menu was great improvement on my opinion, insta-chat like chatango of some sort wouldn’t be bad for people to discuss things. but these are just suggestions. polls on suggestions would be a start for you to think on user opinions. ^^
      apologies in advance if im being too “pushy” or demanding.

      • DeadAdmin

        We are looking for coders who are trustworthy. If we do the backup on the previous site it would still be hacked in minutes since the script was hacked by the script makers.

  • Iron man

    I hope they are not ending this.

  • Michael Paul Callahan

    Excellent series.

  • Jaime Walsh

    Dude they killed Lucy Lawless off in the first episode…??? What the heck is that all about…. I thought she was going to be in the season not a guest star killed off>>>

    • Phil Coulson


  • jelmister

    Tanx for the good work best site I’ve found will be passing the name of the site to family and friends to watch there tv-shows on as I’ve watched alot of series on here and never had a problem so big shout out to administer keep up great work tanx again if I could rate it would be 5 stars out of 5 stars *****

  • Phil

    heyy can anyone tell me what was going on in ‘heavy is the head’ bcuz i dint really get

  • Bree LuaNne

    is simmons dead?

    • Phil Coulson

      nope she is undercover working with hydra
      her cover blows when raina send a pic to hydra in which simmons was contacting shield

  • DheKa Vallent Kartono

    S02 E05 update please.

  • DragotheScorpion

    DeadAdmin keep up the work

  • Alphasz

    When is coming E6? Tnx!

  • John

    wheres episode 6? anyone?

    • Ash

      It wasn’t on last week it’s on this week

    • sohyunaa

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      Coulson and team come to the aid of a confused Lady Sif, who has lost her memory after fighting with a mysterious warrior, whose true mission will send shockwaves through S.H.I.E.L.D. Meanwhile, Bobbi and Mac continue to hide their true mission from everyone close to them

      • sohyunaa


  • Kenneth Gordon


  • Jarrod Brown

    Where’s episode 6?

  • Erik

    hey dead_admin please upload more episodes of agents of shield season 2

  • Lynsey

    Why can’t I watch season 1 😮

  • Guest

    when S2 EP 2 ?

  • DheKa Vallent Kartono

    when S2 EP 6 out ?

  • jesse name

    wheres ep 6 season 2

  • DheKa Vallent Kartono

    please update S02 EP 06 ??

  • W

    wheres episode 7?
    usually is on here by now.

  • abx

    tuesday gone no ep 7

  • Tomrubberduck

    Where is episiode 7?

  • Ethan

    John- look under episode 5

  • DheKa Vallent Kartono

    update please episode 7 ?

  • David

    Wheres the episode 7
    Its been aired but not yet here its really pissing me off

    • Are you sure? Episode 7 will air on 11/11/2014.

    • Brandon

      Maybe you should attempt what these guys too and then complain when things don’t go as expected.

  • JonathaN

    when does this episodes come out?

    • Renee

      It is airing on dec 2nd

  • Yony1312

    where is episode 9?

  • DheKa Vallent Kartono

    when episode 9 ?

  • MaxPower

    FYI – Peggy Carter debuts on Jan. 6, while Agents is on mid-season hiatus.

  • DheKa Vallent Kartono

    wheres next episode im still waiting …

  • DheKa Vallent Kartono

    where next episode ??

  • guest

    episode 10?

  • guest

    Episode 11?

  • JonathaN

    what happened to episdoe 11?

  • Mandhir

    Episode 11 and 13 are broken. Episode 11 is only about 10 minutes long and Episode 13 is same as 12. Kindly fix this

  • sosfjhekw

    dead admin where is episode 11?????

  • syfifreak

    hey think u guys can put up firefly? the one with nathan fillion…

  • xile

    phill where is s02 e11and 12… its already 3rd of march since jan

  • shieldiswatching

    When does this air on TV in the UK again? Because we had the first 11 episodes but no news of a return date for 2015…help!?!

  • B…

    Is this site legal in Australia???

    • Sh..

      Who cares?
      What are they gonna do to you?

  • lennox

    where is ep 14

  • Barry

    Can’t wait for the 16th episode tonight! So hyped!!

  • nuseyba

    where’s episode 7

  • Yony1312

    IKR… Marvel is awesome

  • Maryam Jamal

    Im only crazy about marvils .. It freaking rocks

  • Barry

    Where’s episode 18?

  • Rague

    The upload speed on this site is great. I missed Episode 18’s premiere. 🙁

  • Romanov

    Is Skye becoming Quake by any chance ?

  • Daisy Johnson

    SKYE IS QUAKE !!!!!!

  • Chivon Parsons

    Love this programme need more!!!!!

  • Yony1312

    Skye is Quake, she is an InHuman.

  • nicole karki

    God! i can’t wait for episode 21 to be uploaded.

  • Ariel Murrieta

    Where is the season finale? They are usually much quicker than this. Don’t get me wrong – I’m very much appreciative of the website. I’m just wondering why it is taking so long.

  • Tom

    S.O.S part 2?

  • Justin Goh Chyi H’ng

    Jemma NOOOOOO

  • FoxVanilla

    that’s it ? no part two ?

  • Ceasarie Anne

    S.O.S Part Two, please?

    • ReverseArrow

      Part One is Part One and Two on here. If it’s 1 hour 20 minutes approx then that’s the full of it.

  • emma

    So the site is back up but the videos (at least for me) still aren’t working… is there any way to fix this?

  • where is season 5 :s