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Once Upon a Time ABC tv series

Release date: 23 October 2011 (USA)
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
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Summary: From the inventive minds of Lost executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis comes a bold new imagining of the world, where fairy tales and the modern-day collide.

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  • nicoearthangel

    Oh shit, I need to start watching the season three and skip season two :OO Please get the season one and two back here as soon as possible 🙂

    • nicoearthangel

      Thank you so much for the season two :DD yay!

  • shawna st. pierre

    DeadAdmin, thank you so much for this site, sorry to find out it got hacked, but I can see how diligently you are working to restore it. I, and I’m sure many others, appreciate your hard work. Looking forward to getting the BBC stuff back (Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridge, The Three Musketeers, etc).

    Any way you could get Southland on this site?

    • nogard

      also Black Flag and Sons of Anarchy and Fringe and other stuff. previous seasons too. don’t be hasty, it takes time mate. they will eventually upload what’s left

  • Stephanie Kirby

    Holy crap since the hack ive had twice as many pop up ads and 10 threats of viruses my antivirus caught. Whats up with that! This was the one site I had none of those issues with really 🙁

    • nicoearthangel

      Use Adblock plugin, that should stop most of those pop ups and stuff!

      • Stephanie Kirby

        Thanks sooo much!!

  • Debra Orser

    Do you / will you have the series ‘Dark Angel’ or ‘Lost’?

  • M

    yeah seriously, series cravings can you fucking sort your fucking shit out? im pset because this was the only fucking reliable site where there were no fucking ads. sort it out. right fucking now! it was fine the way it was about a month or two ago!!!

    • appreciated

      you do know that they got hacked and are completely rebuilding from the ground up, right? they don’t have a responsibility to you. this is a luxury that should be appreciated. thanks, series-cravings for your hard work in restoring the site 🙂

    • Pickle

      How bout YOU sort YOUR shit out? It’s still a reliable site. They are rebuilding it as fast as they can. Get stuffed you ungrateful twat.

    • watcher26

      in the meantime maybe you should put a leash on the language! this is his site and you should treat it like you were in his home … with a little respect! Try Growing Up!

  • Thank you! <3

    thanx you sooooo much for uploading as fast as the newest episodes comes out. And so sorry to hear that your site has been hacked, but i’m grateful for your hard work <3 keep it up! 😀

  • ELLA


  • Conner

    I can’t wait for season 4 ohmygawsh

  • Dee Dee

    Can you add Outlander please, thank you.

  • Kristine Last

    Season 1 episode 1 is out of sync in all the tabs at 22 minutes, except for I shared which is a different episode

  • jujn

    series craving is a wonderful site to be on it gives you a better view of something great and something we like

  • Mayang Sari

    when is the season 4 uploaded?

  • Chris

    when season 4 comes out are you gonna have the episodes when they air? btw you guys are the best site to watch shows on keep it up!

    • mel

      When did this site get hacked?

  • :(

    i can’t find season 2!!!!! please upload!!!!

    • shogun

      its is, below the season 3 last episode

  • :( now :)

    never mind XD

  • Crosscan09

    Plz add more

  • Kelly Barwick

    Hi wicked site..but when is season 4 gonna be here? cant wait no longer no1 fan

  • Tuffs

    When’s season 4 going up?

  • chris


  • ELSA!!!

    Will you post the new episode tonight? In that case, any idea about which time? 😀 sooo excited.

    • FROZEN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

      i love your name,ELSA!!!

  • Ano

    season 4 epi 1 ??

  • 몰리

    YES! Season 4 is finally here!!!!


    I’m sorry to hear this site hacked and you had to re-build it. Still, it is a very reliably site anyway compared to many that I have found. I am SO HAPPY that the newest episode of Once Upon A Time was uploaded so quickly. Keep up the great FABULOUS work. If I could right now, I would kiss you

  • Help Please

    Do you guys post the videos the same day/time they are released on tv?

    • rwang

      Yeah probably. The new videos appear asap after they’re released on tv.

      • Nad

        seems like that, doesn’t it? im soo thankful.

  • yoyo

    I Love This Websit!!!

  • sidhaeg

    thank you so very much, this is great, superbe.

  • sidhaeg

    thank you so very much for this great site. you give me many hours of joy

  • love this

    love this site so much works perfectly every time even on my iPhone
    but please upload more of season 4!!! 🙂

  • rwang

    Loving this website and Once Upon A Time! Seen seasons 1-3 twice so far and the third season is definitely the best & my favourite one. Hope Season 4 will be just as brilliant. Can’t wait to see more of Frozen!!!

  • Jade

    Could you please tell when and which day the new episode will be uploaded every week?

    • fa6uuum

      every sunday at 8/7c

      • I’m eating an Oreo Ball

        They don’t post them at the the time they are on t.v.

  • Mrs_hat86

    When I click on OUAT season 4 episode 3 ‘rocky road’ it takes me to a different show. Is anyone else having this happen?

    • Tangled

      It did the same thing to me too…

      • technotalker

        go to MADAM SECRETARY and click on EPISODE 4
        I guess they got switched, but the Rocky Road Episode is there!!

    • LC

      it also happen to me!! =(

  • LC

    Episode 3 from Season 4 isn’t from Once Upon A Time. Please fix it!!! Please Please please please!!!! -Thank you

    • technotalker

      these episodes got switched

  • Kayle

    I just started watching the series,and you are the best site there is for watching! Keep it up! <3

  • only a fag says opinion online

    i hate this show. unfortunately I’ve seen every episode, so i guess i just keep watching them 🙁

  • Panda

    Da fuq is this? This isn’t once upon a time -.-


    Thank you very much for uploading these videos! I love it. =D

  • Fix it ASAP

    Guys, do u even see our comment? Some videos you put in are wrong. Like Blue bloods s5x04 and this OUAT s4x04 and your website gives pop up the advertisment that give viruses.. Please fix it ASAP! Cheers

  • vikkey

    Episode3 of once upon a time isn’t once upon a time

  • Jacqui McGeever

    4:4 cheers

  • Jacqui McGeever


  • Directioner

    omg I’m soo excited that Knave is getting a bigger part

  • Cat

    Where is Once Upon a Time E5? 🙁

    • OUAT FOREVER!!!!

      go onto season4 episode4 the apprentice and in the address bar click on it and at the end change episode4 to 5 and type breaking glass it worked for me

  • janey

    when will season 4 episode 5 be uploaded? Thanks!

  • TeamHook

    Season 4 Ep 5?????

    • leilani

      i need to watch season 4 episode 5 as well anyone know where i can find it

      • dak

        season 4 episode 5 is up on this site, but for whatever reason, this page wasn’t properly updated. paste “5-breaking-glass” in place of one of the other season 4 episode numbers and names, and it’ll take you there.

        • Jason Sunleaf

          wait I didn’t get it. Can you explain or tell the exact location of the 5th episode. Please. Can’t hold it back anymore.

          • Kia Washington

            Thanks dak.
            he said Go to watch episode 4, and in the link type
            inplace of 4-the-apprentice or whatever is there at thend end of the link.

  • Bobforlife

    Omg waiting for the next episode so thank you thank you thank you you. Guys are f’in awesome like watch thanks to ya

  • khyrss007

    season 4 ep.5?

  • teamregina

    where is s4e5?? thanks

  • Kelly Barwick

    is episode 5 going on today cant wait any longer….lol

  • OUAT Addict

    Where’s the newest episode “Breaking Glass?”

  • Ana

    What time zone are you in mate?
    Just wondering so I know what time to wait for the next episode for.

  • Killian for life

    When is the next episode releasing ?????? Can’t wait any more;)!
    What time zone r u in?……. Btw……thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much….I wouldn’t have found this tv series if it wasn’t for u guys……..thx a lot!

    • Kiara Greyback

      search it on putlocker I found season 4 episode 5 there and no ads

      • Killian for life


  • arielle

    were is episode 5?????

  • Sarah Havard

    Where is last nights episode O.O

  • Kiara Greyback

    when the new episode going to be uploaded? been waiting all day

  • PrincessBlue

    Hi! I would like to ask if when will the next episode be uploaded? thanks!

  • Snow Wite 4life

    Where season4 episode5?

  • Tara Duffy

    Episode 5 needs to upload!!

  • ElsasTheBest <3

    can you upload series 4 episode 5 as soon as you can please i cant wait to see it. This is the best website I’ve ever found i can watch any of the once upon a time episodes finally and i was doubting the fortune was going to become real. 🙂

  • Whovian17

    If you go to the home page with all the icons and find Once Upon A Time click on the link below. Hope it works!

  • Dalila

    Where is the season 4, episode 5 please??

  • lisa29

    For anyone looking for episode 5, go to episode 4 and in the address bar at the top delete the words apprentice and 4 then put in 5-breaking-glass the episode will then load, the gentleman further down did explain this, but it sounded very complicated. Happy watching

  • YagoandOnceuponatime

    When Are you going to upload season 4 episode 5?
    Thank you for the rest of the seasons i crave your website.(pun intended).:)

  • unknown

    where do I find season3 episode1 because it doesn’t work on here ? I been wanting to watch it for ages, cant find it anywhere! 🙁

  • TeamElsa

    where is the new episode? I been waiting for ages now!

  • ThankYOU!

    Omg i just saw Mr.Gold IRL!

  • unknown

    when season4 ep6 gonna be posted?

  • TeamBelle

    omg season4 is just amazing! 😀 get more excited every week

  • Martha

    How long after the episode airs do you have it up here?

  • skyegal

    season 4 episode 6?

  • TeamBelle

    did Rapunzel ever make it in this, if so what episode was she in?

    • Whovian17

      Yes, but only for one episode. Season 3 episode 14; the tower.

  • Jacqui McGeever


  • CaptainSwan

    I hate when I finish all the episodes of a show because then I have to wait for the next one to come out and I have nothing else to do

    • Nad

      hang in there(?) XD waiting gets you more excited when the new episode comes up lol

  • TeamBelle

    when will season4 episode8 be uploaded? I really wanna see it 😀

  • Jaime Walsh

    Hey DeadAdmin.. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. Its gotta be alot of work keeping a site like this running and updated. I appreciate everything you do and please keep up the great work. I love ya DeadAdmin.

  • Alvis Jo Kerr

    I wish they would hurry up and finish this ‘Frozen’ section of the season. It’s just dragging on worse than the second part of second season!… or was it the first part???

    • Whovian17

      First part was in the enchanted Forrest fighting Cora. Second part was with the outsiders Greg and Tamara. I thought the second part was a little drab.

  • Annonymous386541

    There’s a page error for Season 3, Episode 20 – Kansas. Can you fix it please?

  • Fan!

    love this website. it allows me to watch Once Upon A Time the day it comes up so I am never behind. Also I was able to watch season 2 and 3 on this site as well as some other shows. Thanks so much for creating this site, I needed it badly lol 🙂

  • Whovian17

    Are we not getting an episode today because of last weeks double?

    • Kia Washington

      Noooooo. -cry

  • josh d.

    ep 10? of season 4 what happened?

  • Captain Swan

    ahh episode 10 please upload it soooon

  • Kat<3

    season 4 episode 10?

  • Jacqui McGeever

    4:8 &9

  • TeamBelle

    omdz this just got serious 😀 cant wait for next week!!! 😀

  • Rainbow W

    Season 1 = good. Season 2 = first half amazing, second half so-so. Season 3 = fantastic. Loved every bit of it. Season 4 = starts off well, with each next episode more interesting & intense than the previous one. Frozen & the Snow Queen was incorporated very well into the story!!! Episodes 9 & 10 made me tear up, & both ended with cliffhangers. Keep it up! Once Upon a Time is getting better & better!!!

  • OnceGirlxx

    I love this show so much, I live in the UK and love the fact that I can watch Once episodes through this site, i always looked forward to watching the next episode

    • TeamBelle

      and here was me thinking I was the only one in the UK who watches this lol 😀

      • OnceGirlxx

        Me too, I thought I was the only one, love this show so much 😀

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  • Irish Jade

    i love this

  • Gabe Mencner

    Do you people upload like an hour after the show is over? Like 10:00?

  • Jason Keady


  • Kirsten Milles

    Is there more episodes to season 4 after episode 12 as there is normally 22 to an episode thanks

    • Whovian17

      Season 4 is scheduled to return in March.

  • Subudo

    when’s the s4 ep13 come out?

    • TrueOncer

      1st march episode 12 was midseason finale

  • Astar Llalush

    where is season 4 ep 13??

    • Ad

      I’ve been waiting for it to coming out for like a month

      • OncerForLife

        the show wont start again until 1st march. that was the mid season finale

  • Shitman

    what the fuckin hell is wrong with this show it is shit. it is worst than that crappy Violetta. to the hell with this fuckin shitty crappy show its fuck man!!!!

    • why don’t u sort your sht out if you have a problem with the show then don’t watch it. simple as.

  • E_rxxri_mma

    Where is ep 13 ??

  • E_rxxri_mma

    Season 4 ep 13 ?

  • cathrosey

    update please ..

  • Kia Washington

    They are updated. Ep 12 is mid season finale. Theyre not back on till march 1st.

  • ggggg

    When is episode 13

    • Kia Washington

      March 1

  • María Laura Arce Leonardo

    What happened after episode 12 season 4??


      no one knows its going too return on 1st March we’ll find out then

  • Barry

    Why is season 4 episode 7 deleted? Can you put it back up please?

  • Barry

    Did you delete season 4 episode 7? It’s not up, can you put it up please?

  • Barry

    Season 4 ep 7 is deleted. Please put it back up.

  • Barry

    Can you put up season 4 episode 7 please? And stop deleting my comment.

  • Juan Luis

    is season 5 going to be here


    how many seasons are there going to be altogether?

  • Wandali

    Please put the new season up

  • jose

    what happened? where is the latest episode?????? 🙁

  • BR

    where is episode 17

  • Kk

    What’s taking so long for the next episode to come on

  • Nad


  • Lrme

    I loved these wish they came faster

  • love thhhhisssss

    yaaaaaaassssss !!!!

  • plz

    new epidose ?

  • Falak

    Nobody knows how me and regina fate is similar ! , regina i care a lot about your happy endings !

  • Bri

    It says I cant open a new window until I close the first one. I’m trying to watch the newest episode but it wont work. How do I fix this?

  • בן בלקר

    season 4 episode 19?

  • sara

    cant wait for episode 20!

  • sara

    thx soooooo much for episode 20!!!

  • Elycia

    i just wanted to know….is Neal Cassidy(baelfire) really dead? I’m only at the season 3 and i’m really curious;)

    • Lucas

      if i tell it to you…would it be a spoiler?? 😉

  • Gabe

    About when do you upload?

  • Diya Mammen

    I seriously freaking love this show. Maybe its because im such a Disnerd, but this show is actually life <3