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Orange Is the New Black Netflix tv series

Release date: 11 July 2013 (USA)
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Comedy, Crime
External Link: , Wiki
Summary: A New York woman struggles to adjust to life in a federal prison.

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  • MArina

    When are you going to post season 2 ?

  • Ellejane

    Seasonnnn 2! Please work your magic!

    • DeadAdmin

      It’s already posted. The rest of the episode will be posted as soon as the videos are already available.

  • jojo

    season two episode 11 out a sinke

  • MissDemi

    Thank you!! For posting Season 2!!

  • MissVegas

    ((Orange is the new black))
    Does anyone know when season 3 should be coming out?
    Does anyone have any good suggestions on a new TV series I’m looking for a comedy or drama??

    • Season 2 episodes just came out last month so i’m guessing season 3 will also come out on June 2015.

  • MissVegas

    Hey does ongoing mean season 3 is coming out soon????

    • misterKnowitALL

      2015 probably

      • MissVegas

        Thank you, do you have any suggestions on another series. I’m looking for comedy or drama?

  • Keals

    Season 3 is released on June 12, will it be avilable on here??

  • Mari

    Where’s season 5?????

  • Stacy Butler

    Half of season five say deleted or doesn’t work

    • Admin

      fixing it now