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The Originals CW tv series

Release date: 3 October 2013 (USA)
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Romance
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Summary: This Vampire Diaries spin-off series follows Klaus and the Original family to New Orleans where Klaus attempts to regain his place as King.

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  • Jennifer Upthegrove

    Admin… the link on the home page does not work to bring you here to watch episodes… the only link that does work is the daily line up…Can you please fix that?

    • DeadAdmin

      sorry about that, fixing it now.

    • It’s already been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Jennifer Upthegrove

        it cracks me up that you are apologizing for the inconvenience when you provide us with such a great service!

      • Jacqui McGeever

        I second that what a brill service. the oly improvemet would e to e ale to mark the thig you watch like the old Series Crvings. But i can get over that great work guys.

  • hvl

    When will the season finale be uploaded?

    • Zakhi

      Jan 19th Episode 10 will be released. I am not sure of the end of the season.

  • Ellie Moon

    When will season 2 be released #dyingtoknow

    • shery

      Its suppose to air today , at 8 🙂 aghhh !!

  • shery

    Isnt season 2 episode 1 suppose to be up already ?!

  • deeee

    Please upload the season 2 episode 1. It should be up right now

  • Jacqui McGeever


  • Jacqui McGeever


  • Jacqui McGeever


  • Jacqui McGeever


  • Jacqui McGeever


  • Coral

    Come on upload!!!

  • Jacqui McGeever


  • Steph

    when are we going to get ep. 9?

  • Aarshi

    Why no new episodes of any show?

    • Aneesha Aziz

      That’s what I want to know

  • KRose94

    So explaine to me. If the originals are part witch, then why can’t they use witch powers? this has always bugged andme and I’m hoping someone can elaborate.

    • brb

      beacuse you cant be a witch and a vampire at the same time

      dont know why but thats how they made it

      • zakhi

        its cause the species of witch and a vampire (that is essentially an immortal obviously) are both extremely powerful, more powerful than werewolves, and travelers. Imagine a immortal witch. Now that is too much power, so nature always wants a balance. So according to the nature, one cannot be a witch and vampire at the same time because it would cause a great imbalance and result in too many consequences.

    • Kylee Adams

      see if their mom is a witch that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are wicked too and Klous was a werewolf before his mom turned them into vampires and Rebecca and Iligah are regular vampires

      • Marcellus

        You are so ridiculous!!!how can you possibly be a fan if you can’t spell their names??? “klaus” because it’s short for “Niklaus”, not klous…and “Elijah”…I must recommend that who ever doesn’t know much about our beloved vampires does not write a comment on this page, therefore nobody has to read zwoddering comments

        • Just Me In FV

          @Marcellus: Seriously? How old are you 12? I can’t stand keyboard commandos, give it a rest.

          • Marcellus

            Who mentioned keyboard commandos? I’m talking about simple spelling.

    • Coral

      Because when they turned into vampires then they couldn’t but Kol used to be able to and so did Finn before they became The Originals xx

  • Coral

    Omg I cant wait for next week they’re putting the next episode out on tv!! Cant wait!! But I wish the vampire diaries would hurry up!!?? xx

  • zakhi

    can anyone explain to me what the baby Hope is? Is she a hybrid? without activating the curse or with activating the curse? is she a witch? Is she all of them? and wouldnt she be the alpha of crescent bloodline after hayley dies?

    • Aneesha Aziz

      She is a hybrid. And if hayley die I do believe she becomes alpha…. Now can you tell me why the episodes are not updating. It stopped at 9.

      • zakhi

        the episode 10 was meant to be released today, it should be hopefully up by tomorrow. 🙂

  • Aneesha Aziz

    The episodes for season two stopped at 9.. Where are the updates?

  • Coral

    When is the next episode coming out?? x

  • Jacqui McGeever


  • Brookelyn Paige Parksmasse

    When will episode 11 be on

  • Bambidoll

    Episode 11 link won’t bring up the actual episode. I just thought I’d bring it to people’s attention 🙂

  • Rebecca

    Episode 11 season 2 is not functioning please see to it

  • Ineedmahfix

    Episode 11 link not working. 🙁 🙁

  • Episode 11 link is broken. kindly fix

  • Chloe

    Admin the link to episode 11 does not work could u fix it pls

  • Jonathan_10

    Whats wrong with episode 11 from season 2 plz fix it thanx for you for everything

    • Jonathan_10

      Pla someone tell me if the episode still doesn t work

  • Jonathan_10

    has wrong with episode 11 from season 2 plz fix it and thanx

  • Simslovr

    Ep 11 doesn’t work

  • Googly box

    New episode link isn’t working.

  • jay jay

    season 2 episode 11 isn’t working??? can someone fix it already.

  • as everyone already mentioned: Episode 11 link is broken

  • Jo

    The link for S2 Ep 11 isn’t working! 🙁

  • Kathy-Anna Drayton

    episode 11 season 2 is not working…. it is taking me to a page saying linke not found or page not found or something like that…Admin please fix

  • Hayley

    anyone else having issues with episode 11?

  • Heather

    Episode 11 link is still broken! I can’t watch episode 12 until I have the link for episode 11 D:

  • Jacqui McGeever


  • Jacqui McGeever


  • Jonathan_10

    Family is power

  • Jonathan_10

    When will episode 15 from season 2 is goin to air? And on this the pagewhen will be upload? thanx you for this great page

  • Jacqui McGeever


  • Cody

    When is the next episode? E15?

  • W

    umm? your site is very messed up it erased all shows back to a month ago.

    • Chell Cass

      They have had some bad server issues this past week and had to bring in the Techs to fix it all, that is why the new stuff isn’t loaded back yet. Give them some time, they are really great at getting thing back online quickly.

  • Astrid

    Do you guys think that Kol will come back again?

  • morphius

    When’s episode 16 on?

  • Danny Ruis

    Where episode 11 to season 2

  • Jacqui McGeever


  • Diane

    Episode 11 will work if you delete the words “-of-the” out of the URL

  • BadRobot

    Cant watch the episode 11

  • BadRobot

    Can someone please tell me where i can watch the episode 11? Thank you

  • halee

    you can watch epi 11 on putlocker

  • kace.heart

    OHH damn Klaus is gonna kill everyone…..cnt wait for episode 20….

  • Vonnie

    My one question about the originals, is when Michael caught up with them in New Orleans, according to vampire diaries Rebecca was in love with Stevan, but in the originals she was in love with marcel???

    • Kerensa Larew

      Yes, but Rebekah has been alive for 500+ years. She’s had plenty of time to love more than one person. 🙂

  • Kerensa Larew

    Admin, the schedule said episodes 2×22 & 2×23 were supposed to be uploaded last night, but I only see 22??

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