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Our Girl

Release date: 24 March 2014
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Drama, History, War
External Link: , Wiki, Official Site
Summary: Molly’s future looks bleak and she desperately craves respect. She finds herself in an Army recruitment office the day after her 18th birthday.

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

  • Martin

    You Guys got the Episode No. mixed up. 1&2 is the same!
    So your no. 3 is real no. 2, your no. 4 is real no. 3 ans so on…
    And the series pilot is missing!

  • jade

    Not all the episodes are on hear and the last episode is really important if the make a second series. Also it would be good to have the prequels to watch as they are really important for us to get to know molly and her family better.

  • Sarah

    When’s the next episode ??

  • phil

    our girl must have a season 2 my friend’s and i have been waiting for season 2. it is catching we find ourselves looking out for the next episode. pleases can we have another season.

  • PJ

    I found the prequel on You Tube. It does have important background. I hope they make a Season 2 as well. Unfortunately, British TV seasons are shorter then ours.