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Release date: 11 May 2014 (USA)
Status: Canceled
Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction-and-Fantasy
External Link:
Summary: Monsters and demons haunt Victorian London.

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

  • danny

    just started watching this show. and i have to say it is pretty good so far.

  • Jean Bleakney

    okay…where is episode 4 of Penny Dreadful? Say’s 10pm but is that east or west coast?

    • DeadAdmin

      the release was late all over the internet.

    • WLloyd1671

      The listings on this site are simply a TV Guide of shows this site carries and the broadcast times for tonight on regular and cable channels. Nothing to do with when they are available to stream from the sites listed for your program. Usually people upload recorded programs to these storage sites(allmyvideos,firedrive,etc.) soon after program ends.

      I don’t think this site has people doing searches and listings every hour of what storage sites have had the most recent show uploaded to them. The shows listed are usually available the next day. If you do a google about a half hour after show ends, such as (NYPD Blue S1E1) you will find a storage site from which to watch your show.

      • The listings for the day will be available 5 min. – 1 hour after it airs on tv.

        • watcher26

          Is it being renewed or is it dead?

          • Chavael

            Yes, it is being renewed. Cant wait.

        • watcher26

          Oh yeah is there some reason why the sites aren’t allowing my downloaded to access them…freecorder 8

  • I was on board until the episode Josh went brokeback mountain.

    • Keith Cooper

      Really “sucked” didn’t it? lol

    • CJ Slate

      really… a little gay sex was too much for you. whimp.

    • it was a small segment of the show, are you that homophobic that you’re going to let that ruin a really good show for you? lol

  • watcher26

    anybody know if Penny Dreadful has been picked up for a new season??

    • baddeb

      Yes, 18 episodes starting 8pm, 31st Dec on SHOW (which must be a US tv station, cause it’s not an Aussie station)…..

      • Vera Barker

        you are incorrect. Starts sometime in 2015. No exact date given as of yet.

  • BTB1996

    Where is episode 1 of season 2 the link is there but no episode

    • watcher26

      Looks like it’s just a holder, but when is the new season supposed to start?

  • what!? penny dreadful is not working =(