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Release date: 17 October 2013 (USA)
Status: Concluded
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance
External Link:
Summary: Adelaide Kane plays Mary Queen of Scots in this historical teen drama, which will depict Mary as a 15-year-old who must combat dangerous foes and dark forces within the French court.

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  • Mystique

    Please upload Episode 16 – “Monsters”. It’s been 2 weeks since I had my fix of Reign.

  • shadow

    seriously.. why did all the videos have to be taken down just to fix this shit… can we please have the rest of this series up … i was working my way through it before you decided to delete and not upload current episodes… i dont think ive watched one since ep 12 … this is the best site by far and I just want to watch!

    • The site got hack because of the previous script/template we were using. The hacker deleted all files on the server.

  • roy

    everyone needs to calm down a bit, the site got hacked, and they did a great job getting the new episodes up as they come; but its going to take a while for them to work through and get all the old episodes back, lets give them credit for what they have done, and have a bit of patience as they continue their work.

    • Pussylover123

      Fuck you Roy eat my pussy

  • Crystal Rich

    Can you please add the new show Constantine? I know you guys are super busy but please when you get a chance πŸ˜€ <3

  • Sharon

    When is episode five going to be up?

  • Ayeza Tahir

    Season 2 episode 5 came out yesterday. When can you upload it? Please try your best to make it as soon as possible.

  • Tiffany Cortez

    well id like to thank u for the hard work, i know it aint easy. i hope u all are fighting off the stress headaches lol. just wanted to say thanks. not wanting to add on to the demands already given especially since u all are nice to post up all of these shows free of charge. id understand if we had to pay a monthly membership fee but, its all free. thank u for all u do.

  • Stephanie Kirby

    Man its taking yall forever tp upload shows now πŸ™

  • Kristine

    Where is episode 9, in Canada it airs on Wednesday so it should already be on here by now?

  • Raephium Arkadios

    You stated that Episode 9 was updated the other night but it has yet to change. I’m not sure what’s wrong. Maybe it was the wrong season you typed in?

  • Kristine Last

    Still no episode 9 for season 2 πŸ™

  • sarah

    Any chance you’ll be adding episodes 11+?

    • Savannah

      Episode 11 airs tonight on the cw. This site still has the schedule from last night up. :'(

  • erika

    omg when are you going to put up episode 11 getaway im dying to see it!!!!!!

  • pussy lover123

    please hurry we want season 2 episode 11 Getaway I haven’t had my pussy for today!! please im begging you do it for the pussy!!!

  • Mary123

    Can’t wait for tonight’s episode 12!!! So excited!!

  • nips11

    season 2 episode 12 come one baby… a want to look at some titties mmmmmm pancake nipples

  • reign fan

    season 2 episode 12???? please

  • 007

    when is episode 12 coming out? im so excited….

  • cocksurfer

    episode 13 mother fuckers so keen whoop whoop

  • Guest

    Episode 16 aired yesterday , where is it ? nd thank you

  • lol

    When is episode 16 coming

  • guest

    please upload season 2 episode 16 already!!!!!!!

  • Randy

    please add season 2 episode 16!

  • jessica

    hi just wondering when you will be uploading season 2 episode 16. please hurry πŸ™‚

  • Marilyn

    Season 2 episode 13?

  • Marilyn

    Episodes after episode 12 season 2??

  • Marilyn

    Will you be adding episodes 13+? Thanks

  • Sherry Leah Carter

    thank you for the free streaming I really love the shows .. We are very appreciative

  • lol

    is season 3 coming