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Switched at Birth ABC tv series

Release date: 6 June 2011 (USA)
Status: Concluded
Genre: Drama, Family
External Link: , Wiki
Summary: Switched at Birth tells the story of two teenage girls who discover they were accidentally switched as newborns in the hospital

Season 5

Season 2

Season 1

  • Febe Veronica Lopez Collado

    When it’s gonna be ready season 4???

  • Harmony OjamaBoy Barnes

    Are you gonna put up the Christmas episode?

  • Starbucks

    Season 4 episode somes out 6th January, 2014

  • Kayfedsaunders

    Are they ever gunna put up the new series called empire

  • Marilyn Lanier

    Idk if it has to do with everything that is going on right now but I cant watch season 1 says something about the databases or something.

  • Dana Beicht

    i can’t watch season 2 or 3 please fix

  • Marilyn Lanier

    Can yall put the rest of this seasons episodes up please there are at least 6 more episodes?

  • Marilyn Lanier

    Hey Admins Can yall please put the rest of season 4 up there are at least 10 episodes out and yall only have 4 up. Pls pls pls!!

  • Monica

    Are you going to upload the rest of season 4?

  • lisa

    where are the rest of the episodes of season 4?

  • Dana

    Where is the rest of season four

  • Haleigh

    Where is the rest of the series!? It was up, then got deleted I guess, and still hasn’t come back up. I’ve been coming back regularly to see if it’s back. When will it be back up?

  • JJ

    I know other people have asked but when will we be able to watch the rest of this? I check all the time.

  • Lisa

    where is season 5?