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Teen Wolf MTV tv series

Release date: 5 June 2011 (USA)
Status: Concluded
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Fantasy
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Summary: A somewhat awkward teen is attacked by a werewolf and inherits the curse himself, as well as the enemies that come with it.

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  • Bryan Semmler

    are there going to be previous seasons uploaded i can find the first 2 seasons anywere else and since the restarts of sight iv been wanting to watch them

    • will add all the season today

    • MissShanna

      do you have Netflix? the first 2 seasons are on there!

      • delaney

        not the first two seasons of teen wolf. amazon has exclusive rights.

        • MissShanna

          They must have recently changed that because that is where I 1st discovered and started watching the series.

          • Mike0865

            I discovered the show on Netflix as well but yes it has been taken down from the site.

  • Patrick Lee Smith Hammer

    Then a episode comes in the us how long will it take before it is up then?

    • blaublaublau

      teenwolf comes on at 10:00 and its 11:56 now and its been on long enough for me to watch it

      • it will air on tv arround 10:00 pm and will finish on 11:00 pm, now if we find videos/links arround 11:01 pm then we can post them at arround 11:05pm. we if don’t see any links on the internet arround that time then we all have to wait for those links to come up.

  • ThugyuhatinXavier

    If a new episode comes out when will you be on the site

  • MissShanna

    i love that you guys have the new episodes out the same night they air!!!! 😀

  • Christian

    When is the new episode coming on??? ):<

    • Hoooo

      Patience my child

  • irene

    where is the new episode??? isn’t it the time they post it :/

  • Stephanie Kirby

    Why isnt teen wolf up yet for tonight? It normally is by now!

  • Gutierrez

    will the new episode be on tonight

  • OG Drips

    why isn’t s4 ep6 on yet??or is it just me??

  • JaayUno

    Where’s episode 6?

  • Dr.Subotic

    Where is the new episode?

  • Reni

    OMG people be patient!!!

  • Bill McElroy II

    Any thoughts on when ep6 will join us?

  • Teen wolf retard


  • HannaBlehBleh

    where is the new episode??

  • Garrett

    It’s HERE!!:0

  • Derek Hale is BAE

  • Lisa McCutcheon Kay

    Season 4 episode 4 has music playing about half way through. You can’t hear the show.

  • Luis

    hey, where is lycris in portuguese?c:c

  • ruby

    when do the episodes come out

  • Crystal Rich

    any idea when the finale is being posted?

  • Steph

    Episode 5 season 3 isn’t loading… 🙁

  • William

    When is the new episode coming on

  • lois

    Will AHS season 4 be on tonight ?

  • Pqurui Oned

    How can i download it?

  • Kerensa Larew

    I need more teen wolf in my life YESTERDAY!! :'( :'( :'(

    • efereter

      when is the new season suposed to come out?

      • danny

        june 2015

        • Nalani

          june 29

      • Kerensa Larew

        I don’t know if they’re doing any more seasons :'(

  • ray ray

    wanna know what i noticed sometimes this website dosen’t work

  • William

    When is the new season coming out

  • Saquayquay

    I watched the first episode and I closed out of the ad to watch the episode and now I can’t do it. Any strategies?

  • fgdgf

    what do you do if it says cant create video??

    • JonnyG21

      try the other streams

  • Natalie

    When will season five come out? I seriously can’t wait I love teen wolf.

    • caitlin

      What episode is it when stiles writes wake up all over the notebook?

      • JonnyG21

        season 3 episode 13 i think

    • danny

      season five air date is june 2015

      • Kaylen

        June 29 and 30

  • Stacy

    whenever I click an episode it says can’t create video code?

  • heyo

    June is going to come by so slow. I just found this site last week and I already finished the 4 season .

  • DameGlammer

    since when is this series sci-fi? WTF!?

  • Eloi Bodo XD

    Where the next episode in season4 episode 14

  • Eloi Bodo XD

    I just realy like this series

  • Abigail Thompson

    Need episode 17 please

    • Admin

      Episode 17 will air on September 10

      • Abigail Thompson

        When will episode 18 be aired?

        • Admin

          September 17. 🙂

          • Abigail Thompson

            I don’t see episode 18😪

          • Admin

            Check the front page. I haven’t added it to this page yet, but its already in front page.

          • Abigail Thompson

            What front page? I don’t know the front page direct me to it please

          • Admin
          • Abigail Thompson

            U have to let the episodes aire on tv before u post them here?