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The 100 CW tv series

Release date: 19 March 2014 (USA)
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Family, Thriller
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Summary: Eliza Taylor leads the cast of this sci-fi drama that follows the first 100 humans returning to a post-apocalyptic Earth.

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  • nogard

    Episode 3 firedrive has walking dead episode. and the cover and description are from wrong series. just letting you know for future notice, no need to rush guys, I understand that you work hard to bring us all the awesome website we’re been all with. Thank you all for that.

  • Naulondon

    Thanks in advance guys.

    The episode number 1 pilot is not the 1st. Thanks again

  • dagox

    Episode 5 is Reign series and not The 100 🙁

  • Bruno T.

    When is the next episode coming???

  • Francois

    Please fix the Episodes under The 100. Episode 1 – Pilot seems to be episode 3 actually. If you watch the first 45 seconds of this you will hear them say “previously on the 100”. If this is the Pilot episode, there would be no previous episode. Thanks!

  • FelixPotato

    god damn this is a good series! good job and a thanks to all the hosts <3

  • nogard

    big fail on episode 8 on 40min duration. she lifts his shirt to help with bandages, takes it off, and from one moment to other the shirt is untouched. Gotta love new series fails…

  • Mich09

    A message keeps popping up saying my android is infected and then redirecting me to a bogus site. Please can’t they be stopped, I can’t watch anything! Seriously putting me off trying to watch anything 🙁

  • Chloe

    AWESOME SHOW! Does anyone know when season 2 will be roughly ??

  • bryann

    When is season 2 starting?

  • carrie

    when is the 2nd season to start

  • Broo

    First episode today!

  • carrie

    the 100 season 2 started afew weeks ago do you know when you will be uploading them pls ty x

  • joanmea


  • Kaileigh

    Episode 6 season 2 please 🙁

    • Natasha

      It looks like it wont be released till 6th of December

  • dyablo

    when is the next episode??

  • Beebee

    When is the new episode coming?!?! I’m pulling out all my hair!!!

  • Marin

    When is coming season 3?

  • kaylee

    when is episode 9 coming on to this website !!

  • Ronnie

    when is episode 9 coming out

  • Ricardo

    The season will continue I think the 21 or 22 of January on The CW so I think it’ll be on the website the 23

  • гэрэл


  • гэрэл

    ep 9

  • гэрэл

    what a slow.. 10

  • The100fan

    Episode 10???? Please upload it!!!

  • Jizminator100

    Ahhhh episode 10 please hurry up 🙁

  • sami

    Loving this. But wish it wasnt stretched out .

  • MistyT

    Awesome! Just heard The 100 was renewed for season 3

  • Crimson

    When’s episode 15 coming out

  • Lottie

    Season 2 episode 15? When will it be uploaded?

    • sami

      My list just gose to ep 10. Was thinking it my phone but guessing lots people having probs

  • Jack.J

    just watched episode 11 now the other 5 episodes have gone of the list when they was just here?

    • jlopez

      I know wtf

    • SiFi

      I know WTF is going on watch half of the last 2 part episode and went to reload the page and it was gone. Whats going on????

  • Andone coach

    What happened to last few episodes? 11-16 isn’t showing up for me

  • shaun

    Hey guys. Wheres episodes 11-16. On the last one and cant find it.

  • Aaron

    What the hell!!! Where is the rest of the episodes on season 2?? There was way more than. 10!!!! Some kind of mistake happend

  • sami

    Is there an ep 11 . Or will it go to season3

    • watcher26

      I have 1 – 11 but seems as if more episodes are missing, but as I understand it the site is being rebuilt after a crash in the last couple of weeks

      • sami


  • J

    There’s some episodes like removed wtf

  • Catherine Amelia Pickering

    Where is episode 16?

  • Jeff

    What happened to the links to season 3?

    • watcher26

      We are in Season 2, ain’t no season 3 unless you missed your target year when you time traveled

      • sami

        Ha ha good one.

      • Aresh

        There was session 3 but they took it off

  • Josiah Connell

    where is 11-16???????????????????

  • sami

    Weres ep 11 gone. Eventually will lose intrest

  • sami

    Us it poss to get withdrawal from not watching my fav sci fi programs .

  • viktor aconight

    Was just wondering Where the rest of season 2 is

  • sami

    Dose anyone know when season 3 starts

    • ali

      Fall 2015 cx

  • noname


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