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The Big Bang Theory CBS tv series

Release date: 24 September 2007 (USA)
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Comedy
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Summary: Two awkward brainiacs must contend with a hot blonde moving in across the hall, and find that quantum theory and applied physics are little help in social situations. An intelligent comedy for the uber nerd in all of us.

Season 11
Season 1

  • lenna

    How do I find episode 1? How to search more episode? Why I can only find the latest episode? Thx

    • Consuelito Del Pilar Radames

      site was hacked at the beginning of the week. the site managers are re-uploading and re-configuring the whole site from scratch. they’ll have everything up and running normally and smoothly soon.

      • lenna

        Oh ok then hope it will run smoothly soon. Thanks for the info

  • Andre

    are they going to be uploaded soon because its been a very long time

    • Gerald Ong Gallardo

      It’s been a long, long, long, long time!

  • Seriously I’lldoit

    Do the admins need help?

  • andre


  • Pedro

    Dear DeadAdmin, I’m loving the collapsible lists for previous seasons. Would be great to see it applied to all series. Much thanks for all your efforts.

  • Donz Raven H

    please please put lost girl back on here

  • Charlie

    Came we have some new series

  • John

    Season 5 Episode 23 takes me to a porn web wtf hahahahah. But please fix it.

  • Riya

    I don’t like hair style of PENNY, earlier one was better

  • cetana

    I don’t like hair style of PENNY!!!

  • Tbbt addict

    What happened.?

  • Gnanendra

    Go easy on those episode title names dude!

  • creationist

    Where is season 8 episode 15?

  • emiko

    Where are the new episodes??

  • TheJakal

    Yea you’re currently 5 episodes behind just saying

  • Mr Holmes

    excuse me deadmin but it appears this week we have lost 5 episodes rather than gained an episode of the big bang theory, this is just the latest in a series of problems on this website this includes generally slow performance, faulty links/videos and the fact that some episodes of shows just aren’t uploaded ie. the latest episode of the flash, elementary and now the latest episode of the big bang theory Have you been hacked again? is this problem going to be resolved or has the site just gone down hill? I sincerely hope its not the latter as this site was fairly useful

    • Nunya

      geez what a bunch of crybabies… do realize this website is frikn FREE right?!?!?!?! the people that made this site spend their time and effort building this while you sit here and complain…..all I can say is if you don’t like it don’t come here, go pay for cable/satellite and dvr what you wanna watch or better yet make your own site so we can all come there and b1tch about whatever glitches or hacks or whatever you have to put up with

      now for the creators of this site, thanks for the effort guys and gals, and don’t mind the unappreciative douchebags, their lives suck so all they have left is whining and complaining……but from the rest of us, keep up the great work

  • sadzz

    yup what Mr Holmes saying is accurate, this website going downhill and we lost 5 episodes..

  • Gambit

    Read their facebook posts, they keep everyone updated on what happens. Some of their data was corrupted, so their having to reupload episodes from February 3 on.

  • TV addict

    I use agree – and not just this show many others are also missing episodes – hope it’s just a glitch as I really love this site 🙁

  • Gnanendra

    could everybody just be thankful that we get to watch for free and appreciate their effort.

    • Jeff Killer

      Yes, yes and yes

  • vishi

    Thank u soooo much for all these episodes.

  • Jsjxnndck

    Season 3 episode 2 does not work

  • Kristoff Glenn

    Season 3, some of the episodes seem to be malfunctioning during the middle of the episode. Just a heads up in case someone is binge re watching episodes of BBT.

  • allenhuang

    oh my god i can’t watch it . anyone could told me how to do it?

  • ben

    This is awesome thank you!

  • M1M

    Thanks for ur efforts :))

  • Kait


  • ben

    Will the season finally be uploaded tonight? Thank you for this site btw.