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The Blacklist NBC tv series

Release date: 23 September 2013 (USA)
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Crime, Drama, Action
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Summary: A most-wanted fugitive works with a rookie FBI profiler to take down criminals and terrorists in this crime series.

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  • Ravi Raj

    plz add more recent episodes of blacklist…love this

  • AJ!

    Yes more on the Blacklist!!!

  • Kenthor


  • slindelo

    ohhhh that was sooooo awesome…please add more episodes pleaseeeee…..

    • MrDinnie

      season 2 just aired on tv so expect new episodes weekly

  • Guest

    She’s an F.B.I and couldn’t figure out her “Husband” was shady….So much for that.

  • Jonathan Curran

    I love #series cravings you are on point every time

  • ryd

    where’s episode 15

  • Mr Holmes

    excuse me deadmin but it appears this week we have lost some episodes rather than gained an episode of the blacklist, this is just the latest in a series of problems on this website this includes generally slow performance, faulty links/videos and the fact that some episodes of shows just aren’t uploaded ie. the latest episode of the flash, elementary, the big bang theory and now the blacklist. Have you been hacked again? is this problem going to be resolved or has the site just gone down hill? I sincerely hope its not the latter as this site was fairly useful

  • Rae

    Why did they remove the second half of season 2?!

  • erinluke

    whats the deal??? the site is going backwards… instead f uploading new episodes, u have deleted them…half of the blacklist including last weeks episodes are gone, with vikings now the entire third season is gone, i know u guys had some difficulties- which it would be cool if u guys could clarify what the hell is going on so your users know what the deal is… i know the site was down, and then in your own words u were doing “SITE MAINTENENCE ” so i kind of expected when it did come back online- u guys had worked out the kinks and removed alot of the garbage and confusing stuff that had become an all too common on the site…however it seems as that is not the case, i dont understand why u guys have so much crap on the site, I.E. the click here for HD, now when u click the X to close pop ups, it does the exact opposite and opens it- i dont get it…why have the pop ups and video player crap totally decimated the site??? if u guys are the site administrators why do u allow all this confusing crap to come up and ruin your once awesome website??? when u are down to fix things, people expect it to be BETTER when u are done, not worse. please go back to the format and site set up u used for so long before and remove some of the garbage off this site. its awesome still…til u go to try to watch a video and then u have WAY too many boxes to click- click here to continue as free user? then u click and it wants credit card info and its just insane…u had a good thing. what happened

  • Some secrets should stay secrets. Bet she’s sorry now.

  • SoilerOfImamMehdi YaAllah

    is the blacklist season 3 coming?