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The Flash CW tv series

Release date: 7 October 2014 (USA)
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
External Link: , Wiki , Official Site
Summary: After being struck by lightning, Barry Allen wakes up from his coma to discover he’s been given the power of super speed, becoming the Flash, fighting crime in Central City.

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Season 1

  • InvisibleNinja

    Holy shit, how did you do that?

  • Chell

    This is so good! Cannot wait for the show to start!

  • Brooke

    Why isn’t the second episode up yet

    • hey dumb ass

      because the pilot hasn’t aired on tv yet!

  • Daniel Luera

    I hope this show starts soon.


    Oliver From the arrow comes out so sweet 🙂

  • Kai Chipperfield

    So excited waiting for October to come

  • boat

    Was that braille on the walls at the end??? Looked like it to me.

  • Murphy’s_Law

    I’ve been meaning to get around to clicking on this episode, and
    admittedly I was skeptical, since I’m more of a Marvel fan than DC. But I
    gotta say, I was blown away by this! I definitely have a new addiction
    to add to my list

    • Letlaka Tsotetsi

      I am also a marvel fan but this series i enjoy very much so far i give it a thumbs up.

      Good Job to DC…

    • HaloMiner123

      TRY ARROW TOO! Its on netfilx and maybe here but still really good. They also have The Flash appear some ,later in the series!

    • Sayed Mohammad Asif

      I am a bigger fan of marvel than dc but if I got to choose which universe I want to be in I would choose dc

  • DupDon


  • SwagMaster


  • Fight

    When is the next episode of flash even going to air

  • SystemSlave

    When will the 4th episode be available?

  • SystemSlave

    It’s one of the greatest tv shows ever. I love it

  • Okba Hadjadj

    Where is episode 5 ???

    • guest

      Don’t know I was about to ask the same thing

  • love flash

    Where is 5th episode

  • Okba Hadjadj

    Been waiting the whole week and now there is no episode 5 !! -_- that sucks

  • von

    wheres episode 5?

    • Episode 5 will air on 11/11/2014

    • Omsata23

      Episode 5 didn’t come out that week (I don’t know why), but it should come out today(Tuesday the 11th), as usual

  • Mr Dave

    Awesome Thank Please More Episode

  • von

    wheres episode 5?

  • SystemSlave

    When will episode 5 be available ???

    • Victoria94

      Apparently it’ll come out on the 11th of November xxx

  • Anne Andrade

    where’s episode 5 🙁

  • I hate the flash

    the flash is so retarded!!! I hate it so much!!

    • Anon

      Then why are you on it’s page

  • grimis

    it has not came yet why

  • Guest

    When is episode 7

  • Guest

    I mean 6

  • Alvis Jo Kerr

    This show is great. I was never a big Flash fan, but this, this is addicting.

  • SystemSlave

    I was always a big Flash fan…and this series is a perfect dream for me…

  • flash

    when is ep 7

  • JonathaN

    how come i didnt see the felicity girl in episode 3?

    • Barry

      I’m guessing they didn’t show that clip or something on this website.

  • SystemSlave


  • The Arrow

    the moment that everyone have been waiting for, episode 8.

  • Mr Dave

    Thank q So Much You Amazing

  • Сандра╰☆╮

    Damn,this show is great like the Arrow *.*

  • Ibrani

    Episode 9?

  • SystemSlave

    When will episode 9 be available?

  • jackolanturn

    episode 10?

    • thisgirl

      Its coming out on jan 20th they’re on a mid-season break I believe.

  • The flash 2.0

    Oooooh this shit gets better and better!!!

  • Laurenzoh123

    Ep 10 when will it be on here??

  • Pinkpuffypants

    Where’s the next episode??

  • Musti

    Whens ep 10 airing

  • MaxPower

    The show is on mid-season break (super lame trend among shows now). Episode 10 won’t air until Feb. Same for Arrow, Gotham and Agents of Shield.

    • Germain Loud

      you say that but normally that would be a season and we would have to wait a year now we only wait 3-4 months for more content if you ask me its better.

      • MaxPower

        Except that a season of shows used to be 20+ episodes, not 9. And the wait was the summer (still 3-4 months).

        • Germain Loud

          sorry for how long its taken me to reply but i haven’t logged i a while Warning wall of text ahead

          but 9 of December to January 20 does not seem that long to me and only comedies that require minimal work after filming can pump out that ludicrous amount of episodes, for example shows like Melissa and Joey s1 has 30 eps or glee s1 has 22 or modern family s1 has 24 whereas the shows that really leave a long lasting impression and the makers take time and effort to make every episode amazing have allot less for example game of thrones every season is 10 episodes or falling skies each season is 10 episodes long other than 4 that has 12 or even teen wolf three of the seasons are 12 episodes and another 22 but did a mid season brake in witch we waited 5 months instead of the 10 it would have been if they did it as a new season however i do admit there are some awesome exceptions such as heroes or grim but its allot safer for the makers of the shows to do 9 or 10 episodes then do another 9 or 10 in half the time it would usually take for more content then to sink the couple mill per episode to make 20 – 30 of them and to have it tank and cancel it by the time the 5th one out airs.

  • JonathaN

    is this episode every 2 weeks?

  • Hamz

    Wens 10 episode

    • Thisgirl

      Jan 20th

  • User

    Were is episode 10

  • Smartypants

    BIGGEST HOLE EVER: The flash in this show barely breaks the sound barrier at his top speed, YET he is able to dodge bullets as they move past him in slow motion. And since when does traveling between 700 and 800 MPH make you invisible to everyone around you? I guess if you’re up close and he’s constantly moving, but it still doesn’t explain the bullets.

  • kyle

    When is eps 11

  • kyle

    I mean 10

  • SystemSlave

    So…when will the next episode be out?

  • Justonemoreepisode

    Woah at first I only planned on watching Gotham but now I’m watching the flash, arrow AND agents of shield….I think I may have a problem

    • vaguexdreams

      Me too. I’m literally watching just all of those tv series xD

  • JonathaN

    uh what happened? episode 10?

  • SystemSlave

    When does the midseason break finish ?

    • vaguexdreams

      today!! 🙂

  • PERson

    when is episode 10 airing?

    • vaguexdreams

      today 🙂

  • Carlee Blankenship

    Hi. I’m 7!!!!!!

  • mobito

    nice bout needs some adjustments

  • josh

    When is episode 10

    • SystemSlave

      I guess it should be on the site tomorrow

  • avidfan

    There should be a new episode of the flash tonight but the schedule doesn’t show it. Why?

    • SystemSlave

      It’s already here

  • Jackson

    WHERE IS EPISODE 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mneilan

    is episode 11 going to be uploaded

  • conny

    when is ep 11

  • All video links of Episode 11 are broken, Kindly fix

  • Sadie

    When is 12

  • Okba Hadjadj

    Where is episode 12 ? it was supposed to be released already !

  • Mega Striker

    Whenis episode 13 coming out?

    • Sex

      Tomorrow chill

  • vtgvrgbrg

    wheres ep 14

  • Adrian Pantoja

    wow adrian was here

  • Victoria

    Excited to see Emily Kinney!!

  • and1str

    when does episode 14 hit the uk on this?

  • Accamac

    Where’s episode 14

  • Neel

    My birthday
    Is on OCTOBER 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dheeraj

    one of the best serials on the air..

  • SystemSlave

    Where’s episode 15?

  • Marc Bondoc

    ep 15

  • sjs

    Where is episode 15

    • aa

      tari gand ma

  • Dean

    Guys, episode 15 won’t be aired until the 25th of March.

    • Jonathan_10

      Thank for the info

    • Guest123456789

      How comes??

  • W

    Where is episode 15??

  • duhasianboi23


  • Beelfire

    Episode 15 will be on March 17

  • SystemSlave


  • X ray Sombra

    Everyone wants episode 15 give us episode 15

  • Taw

    When episode 15

  • Cole

    Episode 15 is only coming out March 17 so fans that really like the flash are going to suffer

  • Cole

    And the titles of ep. 16 and 17 are 16:out of time and 17:Rogue time.

  • farhaad

    when is 15 coming

  • Jonathan_10

    Yeah were is it plz do tell us xd thanx

    • ASA

      It’s in the not-so-distant future according to to rosa.
      If you, however, do menage to retrieve the episode, I call dibs on your time machine.

      • rosa

        i got from the app about the next episode..and i live in asia .18 mar 2015 is 10 am in asia and that mean 9pm 17 mar 2015 in USA time …sorry i got poor english

        • Simon Lynch

          I can read your English quite easily! At least you speak another language! I’m lucky to speak my own properly at times! LoL

        • Ronaldo Solomon

          so when are we seeing epidode 18?

  • Buddy boi

    Episode 15 does come out until 17th of March

  • rosa


  • frank

    is this season over or is it on break till next episode

  • MrWaffles

    Episode 15 Tuesday, March 17 on the CW~!

  • Barry

    Where is episode 4? It won’t load):

  • Joey

    What happen to episodes 12-15?

  • FlashAddict

    Where did all the episodes go?

  • maximize5566

    where’s ep 12 till 14?

  • Mr Holmes

    excuse me deadmin but it appears this week we have lost some episodes rather than gained an episode of flash, this is just the latest in a series of problems on this website this includes generally slow performance, faulty links/videos and the fact that some episodes of shows just aren’t uploaded ie. the latest episode of the blacklist, elementary, the big bang theory and now the flash.Have you been hacked again? is this problem going to be resolved or has the site just gone down hill? I sincerely hope its not the latter as this site was fairly useful

    • Thunder


  • Zabraz

    What happened to episods 12,13&14 ?

  • John Nash

    Why are the current seasons of arrow and the flash stopping at episode 11?

  • JPD

    Where did the last few episodes go? And when will Ep 15 be up?

  • Clark


  • Justin Ballen

    I shouldn’t complain, since this is free and all, but holy shit, this site is a cluster fuck. One moment half the episodes are gone, the next moment the entire site is down.

  • Antony

    What day do new eps ️Come out

  • SystemSlave

    Where’s episode 16?

  • SystemSlave

    It was supossed to be here on the 24th

  • Charlie

    I need episode 16 ffs episode 15 ended with about five cliffhangers

  • slythefox

    Where is epic 16

  • IrishJade116

    please where’s the new eposide?

  • SystemSlave

    The new episode airs today right?

  • Nav

    When is the next episode of flash coming out

  • SystemSlave

    Why the hell the new episode isn’t here already?!?

  • jay

    Episode 17?

  • SystemSlave

    Where the f is episode 17
    Please, i have really this narcotic wish of watching the next episode….

  • The flash

    This show is seriously getting awesome

  • YLO

    Where is episode 18 i was looking forward to it?

  • Tawjohn

    When is episode 18?

  • Justin Ballen

    All these people complaining about free content.

  • Ryan

    Where is episode 18

  • Kaleb

    We’re episode 18 at??

  • greeninja12345

    well…. the reverse flash I like that guy as a bad guy

  • greeninja12345


  • Where is episode 18? or is there not going to be any

  • saj badua

    the best series I’ve watched.

  • Sky

    Episode 18?

  • roxo28

    when is episode 18 out?

  • josh

    when is the now epsod of flash coming

  • Sky

    EPISODE 18???!!!

  • kristoffer

    when can I see episode 18?

  • michal

    Episode 18 koming soun

  • BC_Birdie

    New episode tomorrow, same thing for Arrow too
    They took a break that’s why there was no new episodes last week on Tue & Wed

  • Jorde

    Wheres Episode 18?

  • slythefox

    Where is episode 18

  • SystemSlave

    So…what about episode 19? It airs today doesn’t it?

  • Ziyad Meribaa

    i love it but when the next episode will come

  • SystemSlave

    Where the hell is episode 19?
    Is there yet another delay?

  • Roland da Don

    Time for Barry to start shagging some hoes.

  • Cyril Damien

    episode 20 is going to be released today?

  • SystemSlave

    Do…what about episode 20?

  • 😐 clicking “The Flash” send me to Wikipedia 😐

  • Anonymous

    Where is #20

  • Stephen thompson

    the flash link in the schedule sends me to the flash wki page.

  • josh

    do it asa

  • nightwing

    Marvel is better but both seem fine to me lets see what happens next

  • hannah

    When will episode 21 come on here

  • lol

    Where’s episode 21?

  • NathGamer

    Wow really taking a long time to get the episode up today. Its really weird they usually have it up earlier.

  • NathGamer

    Wow really taking a long time to get the episode up today. Its really weird they usually have it up earlier than this.

  • zubeyr

    when ep 21?

    • NathGamer

      Not sure lots of people waiting!

  • saiaiaoaoqoaoqooqo

    Where is episode 21

  • Jean Simon

    When do they post the new episodes?

    • NathGamer

      Usually before this they are usually really great about it don’t know what is going on today.

  • Jean Simon

    When does the new episodes get posted

    • NathGamer

      same day they come out usually an hour after they are aired for the first time.

  • TheTigerGames


  • ReverseArrow

    Anyone have an idea when episode 21 will be up?

  • marnix

    why can’t I find 21 anywhere on the web? are they trying so hard to take it down?

  • Travis Lee Mullins

    Can you fix the flash episode its says episode 21 is up but I check the link and it not there

  • Akshay CsEr

    impatiently waiting for ep 22 ^_^

  • Shery

    Please upload episode 22 as soon as possible ^_^

  • Duane Black Noodle Sato

    episode 21?

  • lol101

    uh sorry but episode 22 please?

  • SystemSlave

    Why does the tv schedule for today say that “Rogue Air” ( episode 22 ) will be up at 8 pm and yet we still can’t watch it?

  • Fddff


  • DheKa Vallent Kartono

    why episode 22 Grodd Lives again ?

    • SystemSlave

      It all fine. Episode 22 is named “Grodd Lives” but actually it is “Rogue Air”

      • DheKa Vallent Kartono

        yes .. i see that … i think have wrong

  • Okba Hadjadj

    Where is episode 23 ? O_o

  • Barry

    Where’s episode 23?

    • SystemSlave

      It’s coming this autumn

  • David G Roberts

    When is season 2 coming

  • Robby

    When r u bringing in flash season 2

  • Robby

    I know that they’re bring in the multiverse in flash season 2

  • Robby


  • alex

    when is 24th coming out???p.s I’m Russian

  • Abdullah Al Shalhoub

    Guys when is the next episode ??

  • Abdullah Al Shalhoub

    When is the next episode

  • Prithvi Ledalla

    season 4 comes out tomorrow – cant wait ( the flash )

  • Ynnos Pynnos


  • WhySo Hilarious

    Where is season 4… when is the episode 1 of season 4 gonna be uploaded