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The Walking Dead AMC tv series

Release date: 31 October 2010 (USA)
Status: Renewed, Season 8
Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
External Link:
Summary: A horror drama following the survivors of an apocalyptic holocaust who are searching for a safe haven while being tracked and menaced by zombies. Adapted from a comic-book series.

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  • sdfsdff

    What the fuck

  • Elise90

    Is there something wrong with this site???

    • I-Lin Lim

      They got hacked. Check their FB for more info.

  • Dom Zer0

    yeah – there’s something wrong…. I hope it recovers! I just LOVE this site!

  • MMDL

    Saw this announcement on the other page: “Good day to everyone. We are sorry to tell you guys that Series Cravings TV
    has been hacked today. We thought the platform we are using was secure
    enough. We will be changin(g) platforms from now on, the sad part about it
    is we would have to post all the episodes of each TV series we have on
    the old platform. This will take a lot of time so please bear with us.”

  • It’s true, we are already working hard to get all the videos up.

    • nogard

      Please don’t change the host or please don’t merge with other website. I would love you to have the current one working, it’s much easier to navigate and I love everything about series-cravings website. I’ve been here since it started, and has been my favorite website for TV shows ever since i have joined. I would not want this to go down.Yesterday some other website popped up instead series cravings, and it was a lot more confusing and laggy to navigate, please keep the original one.

      • We will not be changing video host or whatsoever.

        • nogard

          I meant as for the current website, to keep the original one up. Because I thought you guys are merging with some other TV show hosting website.

        • nogard

          DeadAdmin, the webpage does not load for me at this moment, is there any problem going on? please don’t tell me that the website has been hacked again.

      • Zyzz

        go back to the other site, wtf is this shit i cant watch a video without it loading every 5 seconds

        • Dominic Colston

          Its your dollar tree internet.

        • David

          What an ungrateful idiot.
          Shut up and take what’s given to you.
          I’m so thankful that they are providing us free eps.
          Jesus Christ there are some real idiots.
          Go die in a hole. Feel so bad for your mother.

          • PoopHead

            You have the decency to call other people idiots and then say go die in a hole. What a disgusting thing to say. I feel bad for your mother having to put up with such a terrible attitude towards other human beings.

          • ff

            I agree what an ungrateful bastard. you have no right to say that, david. you must be a very sad person in life.

    • Liryc Nocoic

      fix the site pls.. ehehehe… i will help.. hahaha

    • Coral

      I love this site but could you please upload Wolf Lake because it has Paul Wesley in it? Thankyou πŸ™‚

    • Plottrippin

      Hey cuhhh when is s5 e10 gonna be up

    • Joyce Pusta

      hi do you have The Walking Dead Season 6? Please?

      • Dante

        You know right that Seasons 6 is still in development and doesnt even have a release date so no they dont have it

  • Deedo

    This site is really good can’t believe it’s been messed with arhh

    • cale

      it still works for me just go on vidiomega

  • Brandon Castellanos

    whoever hacked this can go fuck themself

  • dara

    πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  • kirstie

    Its ok I can survive a few days without my other tv shows because I got my monday morning daryl fix

  • shayman

    Would you guys be uploading the HIMYM finale on time?

  • Sandrina

    WTF what is going on here, can’t find anything !

  • If you have to start over might I suggest consulting me and maybe can help you create a database or some type of xml, or dynamic linking setup so that your site dont go down if some a## wipe does something like this…

    • the only problem starting over is that the episodes on the previous script can’t be uploaded to this one. we avoided using the previous script since there were lot’s of complaints that involved getting hack πŸ™

      • Its WP I am sure there is a way to import it somehow…

        • the previous site was on a different/custom script.

  • brendude138

    Go fuck yourself to whoever hacked this site. I love this site! Hope you solve the problem soon!

  • Coxy

    Any idea when the site will be back up? Missing the walking dead real bad

  • gert

    WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE SITE????????? It was working Sunday morning then in the afternoon it looked like someone had hijacked it and nothing worked? Please go back to the way it was! Also I had recommended the site to a couple of people (Some of many) but then they told me that they couldn’t connect to anything. PLEASE GO BACK!!!

    • Revo

      Hacked, so give them some time to recover all the video’s and etc.

  • ven derial

    Put the nes ep of shameless
    up πŸ™‚ keep up the good work!

  • Lev

    what the hell!! no videos

    • chris

      reason why is the site got hacked

  • Jaime

    OMG i hope it gets fixed soon…. Im addicted to this site

  • lam

    i love you and pleas be back ……….waiting for you my dear series-cravings

  • yolo

    I’m pretty sure they are working hard to rebuild the website. It was
    hacked yesterday and you couldn’t view ANYTHING. That sucked a lot.

  • john shepard

    Looks like some SOPA fan-boy got ahold of this site

  • Grant

    Maybe it’s a bad ass April fools joke…

  • Sarah

    Im not a big techno wiz but i get the rough idea about what has happened which is a total bummer, just have one question regarding older series that were on the site before this happened. How likely is it that all or most of the series will be on this site? was watching a few things that are a couple years old for e.g. American Horror Story. Any News would be greatly appreciated

  • SusanRS

    Oh dear! I am so sorry to hear this. What a nasty state of affairs. I wish these hackers would use their super powers for the good of humanity instead of malicious tom foolery. I have great faith you will get the site restored to its former glory in no time. Until then, sending you positive thoughts and best wishes. You have my full confidence.

  • Krimson

    Sorry that you guys were hacked, Hopefully everything gets back up and running! Miss this site πŸ˜€

  • Jacqui McGeever

    Not one bit impressed with the sad [email protected]%#er that has done this…… what do they think they have to prove. Missing S/C so much hope you guy’s are back in shape soon ye had a site to be very proud of that was just as well maintained. xxxxxxxx

  • lam

    where is the season finally ?

  • Jonimarie

    What happended to Grey’s Anatomy and Pretty LIttle Liars?????? WTH

    • chris

      the site got hacked so whoever hacked it took them off

  • I-Lin Lim

    What happened to the layout and everything? I loved to be able to see what show was coming up and the shows that had already been uploaded and shown on the main homepage (don’t get that elsewhere) It was easy to navigate, and being able to know which one I’ve watched or missed out on with the Watched function. =( I hope this is just a temporary change and that everything will revert to the way it was.

    • chris

      they didn’t change anything the site got hacked but be patient they are working as fast as they can πŸ™‚

  • Non-Greasy

    What the hell happened?! :/

  • Lisse Ann Benitez Caraan

    kailan ba yung nexx update ng episode>

  • sn00gums

    Glad that you got the site back. I wil be waiting for Grimm and The Witches of East End episodes. Mabuhay kayo!

  • Ryan

    I dont get it why does rick say that terminus are screwing with their own people?

    • John A

      “screwing with the wrong people”

      • chris

        because Ricks group is the wrong people to fuck with and they couldn’t use the original lines witch was”fucking with the wrong people”

  • rootkid21

    I just started watching The Following and then everything was gone. I so hope that this site will recover soon, best site ever.

  • Tony Xiong

    omg why is some of the tv shows gone?! i’m so mad! i want “Once Upon A Time” to come back!! and “Teen Wolf”!!

  • just me

    This site is the greatest. I hope it will be up and running soon. Why do some people have to mess with stuff and screw things up for everyone else? Missing walking dead.

  • Sebastian

    season 4 ended?

  • Kamil

    I think considering what this site has been thru all these years they are doing a splendid job of keeping shows current, I mean cmon ppl literally 15mins or less after a AAA show airs it’s on here and I have no probs watching on my ipad, I would even considering donating $$ if they set up an option. U guys seem spoiled, getting free shows right after they air and shit happens once a while and ppl bitch like crazy. Thank them instead and stfu if u dont have anything nice to say. THANK U SC FOR ALL THE YEARS YOU MANAGED TO PROVIDE GOOD AND FAST QUALITY SHOWS, idk how I can repay the favor

    • Thank you for always supporting Series Cravings! We really appreciate it.

  • KristΓ­n GΓ­raffalappir

    Hey admin, just wondering if you could get pretty little liars back? I’ve haven’t watched it for sooo long. Thank you.!

  • kristine

    is the walking dead over? πŸ™

    • DeadAdmin

      Yes it is. Season 5 will air probably on last week of October.

  • Aske

    When will the new section up

  • Parceny

    U guys are awsome thank u for the work of uploading the videos

  • jenseviltwin

    Can anyone tel me how to stop so many of the pop-up’s?

  • capslock

    just like to say that this is a great web site thanks for putting the episodes up for us

  • Aske Vesterlund

    when com the new season 5 up???

  • oron_valdez

    whens the new season starting?

    • Lambpard

      april this year

      • google-addict

        wrong every new season starts in October and every mid-season premier starts in February

  • meme

    works fine for me

  • Lisa Michelle Beaumier

    i found the best time to watch is early mornings and late nights , Now where is season 5?

  • Lyn

    Episode 16 A- is broken. Please fix soon.

  • the walking Dead

    It keeps saying wrong ip some one fix this please

  • kutruyre

    why is the videomega option unavailable when episode 5 comes up….





  • Walking dead

    the release date of season 5 pleasee

  • Jacob Tomkinson

    Will you get season 5 on here?

  • walkingdeadfan

    you need to put season 5 on here im desparate im obssessed with this tv show

  • Benj

    Will you be showing the new series on the day of release in the US?

  • Niko Korva

    when is season 5 coming ?

  • Regz Esquilona

    When did you add the season5???

    • Mordean

      season 5 starts today 9pm EST USA TIME

      • Regz Esquilona

        Tnx: )))

  • Nicks

    where the season 5?

    • Mordean

      season 5 doesnt start til today

  • ElisabethTV

    Does TWD s5 come today? :0

    • Mordean

      Yes around 9pm EST USA TIME

  • hodgy

    Season 5?

    • Mordean

      doesnt start til 9pm est USA TIME

  • bread

    when is the walking dead season 5 coming out

    • Mordean

      Doesnt start til 9pm EST USA TIME

  • Jade

    When is the first episode of season 5 coming out? Wasn’t it supposed to come on today, that is 12th of October, 2014?And till when will it be uploaded? Kindly please inform. πŸ™‚

    • Mordean

      TWD does not start TIL 9pm EST USA TIME,. have to be patient πŸ™‚

  • Matt

    When does S5 E01 get posted, really want to watch it!

    • Mahil

      Around 10, man!!! Can’t wait!

      • Matt

        What time zone? It’s nearly midnight here!

        • Mordean

          that would be 9pm EST USA Time

          • Matt

            Great thanks for the update and thanks for your great work!

  • MrAwesome

    Sweet, season 5 comes out tonight! πŸ˜€

  • Hoxenray

    what about season 5!? when will it come out at this site?

    • Mordean

      TWD doesnt start til 9pm EST USA TIME

  • brad

    how long will it take for a new episode to come on here

    • Mordean

      soon as the newly episode airs which isnt around 9pm EST

    • helping Hand

      It appears seconds after its on tv. If you live outside the USA, the episode will usually appear an hour before its on your tv

  • Fawk

    Where the fuck’s season 5?

  • Fawkfawkfawk

    Where’s season 5?

    • Caaaaarl

      It’s about to be posted

  • Caaaaaaaaarl

    C’moooooon, im dyin here!! hurry

  • Fuck you

    This site has been jacked stupid cunts

  • Ryan

    What time will the new episode be up?

  • Jerri-lynn Smith

    its already here!

  • xian

    can you upload pawnstars and american restoration? πŸ™‚

  • Doit

    Thanks for uploading the 1st epi of TWD. WORTH THE WAIT! Cheers!!

  • john


  • cat

    what time zone do you use?

  • Mi Reverof Enola

    when is the next episode?

  • disqus_9HRNbRkM6i

    wAT DOES TADAYS SCHEDULE mean it says walking dead hould be on by now but it isint

  • Zk

    Where is season 5 episode 2?

  • Aiden Harrison

    Why wont it let me watch the walking dead

  • Ransom Backus

    So….anyone up for a foot long from Subway? I guess you could say he…..put his foot in his mouth?

  • some

    thanks : )

  • Windy_Day

    Thank you so much for the people invloved in this good website. I hope It stay’s forever.

  • athelwin

    I cant find a login button and it keeps asking me to create account when i already did that a few minutes ago.

  • Raunaq Jain

    Can u put a mirror link of VIDTO?? I can play subtitles through vidto only in my phone, i can open vidto files in mxplayer….. So please can u look into it?

  • the good hacker

    Im going to go through all your files, yes im going to hack you guys to find the hacker so don’t worry i won’t play with the site im just going i to the files to track the hacker

  • worzel

    What time will the next episode be on here?

  • Rickgrimes

    Were is episode 4 Slabtown?? When will it upload?!

    • Jerri-lynn Smith

      10 pm..
      after it airs on television.

      • ZOMBIE

        It’s already past the time, Why It’s not uploaded yet?

        • Jerri-lynn Smith

          idk, i was just wondering that myself! it is usually is up by now..

  • Zombie

    ………….. why episode 4 of season 5 not yet uploaded? It’s been a day delay.

  • deadfan

    Where’s season 5 episode 4?

    • Zach

      Seriously guys don’t get fussy. They’re working on it. It’ll be up the soonest they can get it up. They dont need the constant reminders

  • Alan Crosby

    getting error “Can’t create video code”, any ideas anyone

  • Is anyone else having trouble with this site today? I can’t watch anything, I click on an episode and it says, “Sorry, page not found.”

  • mai

    why i cant find the episode? page not found!! i was just watching the inmates a few seconds ago then i cant find it now!!!!

  • Tom place

    Im having problems as well… I want to watchhhhhhhh

  • No words but RESPECT to this site. And thanks for making my day.

  • tudly

    I just like to say thank you, I love this site…Thanks for all your hard work πŸ™‚

  • Anne Andrade

    waiting for episode 5

    • rj

      Waiting for episode 5:-)

    • rj

      Gonna watch it now anne

  • Tudly

    I once asked where were all the animals, farm and pets and was quickly told, they had all been eaten, so lets say that was true, unlikly, but does that account for flies to???, the fire lorry was covered in blood and body parts, yet no flies, there is never flies, where did they all go?

    As for the scientist plot, c’mom that was obvious from the day he showed up, I said before it was not possible for this one person to know what to do, and here it is, duh he isn’t a scientist…No matter they will all somehow find each other again…

  • NeedMyWalkingDeadShows!!!!!!!

    Cant Watch Videos :'( PLEASE FIX!!! D:

  • Raunaq Jain

    Can u put a mirror link of VIDTO?? I can play subtitles through vidto only in my phone, i can open vidto files in mxplayer….. So please can u look into it?

  • Isee what you see

    nakupendapia nakutaka pia pezi we

  • carlswife

    you guys just have to say no to the page press the episode again n u can watch it πŸ™‚

  • Peti

    Could you bring back the countdown clock plz? I’m from Belgium and it was really practical!

  • Ryan Pratt

    Awesome new season!

  • Mr.ZombieKiller

    what channel do u watch the walking dead on?

  • Mr.ZombieKiller

    also how did they hack this site?

  • Plottrippin

    Bruhhh when is episode 8 gonna be posted up???

  • mneilan

    episode 8 does not open

  • Plottrippin

    god damn episode 8 aint workinnn

    • mneilan

      Why is that

    • chillin

      don’t get your panties in a wad over it.

  • Marshall III

    Link to episode 8 is broken says that if dosent exist

  • Eric Davis

    If you cant stand it and want to watch episode 8 right now,its posted already on CARTOON HD

    • RW

      Thank you. ..for the info. It was heartbreaking

    • Happy

      Thank you for sharing =)

  • Ghost

    Episode 8 Coda wont load up -_- been waiting all week NOOOOO!!!!
    Am I the only one?

    • firefox168

      no i am having the same trouble

  • bumbum

    why isnt episode 8 working?

  • zidane

    can’t watch episode 8.. T_T

  • Jhen

    why cant watch episode 8 :'(

  • Shay


  • dux

    episode 8 is not working?? what happen?? plsss fix it admin tnx… we want to watch it..

    • Shay

      CARTOON HD has it

      • dux

        cartoon HD??

        • Shay

          Yeah Google Crtoon HD it looks like Series Cravings site

      • Happy

        Thanks for sharing the site =)

  • Watching dead

    Is episode 8 ever going to work?

  • Sindran

    Episode 8 of walking dead is an empty link. Must watch the dead DX

  • river

    where’s episode 8?

  • Y-U-No-Episode-8

    I need episode 8…

  • joker

    cant open episode 8

  • SE5 Episode 8: We’re sorry page can not be found :/ Why?!!!!!

  • Ironkeel

    Episode 8 dont work!? ffs fix it !

  • Hoxenray

    Where is season 5 episode 8 “coda” (link is not working)

  • Javi

    Coda link is not working

  • Sarah

    For those you can’t get the 8th episode to work if you search for ‘Coda’ in the link it provides and click the first one you can watch the episode.

  • Plottrippin

    Click on the link on the main page it will work

  • Francois

    Is there ANY chance, Talking Dead can be added to this great site?

  • Beaner

    I cannot see the epi 8 of season 5. States page cannot be found

  • Krystal Jade Ito

    wheres episode 9

  • darkxyloid

    Im new and I love this site.. this is where i watch walking dead

  • Neo Nastor Rsw

    no ep9 yet?

  • Landro

    Why isnt episode 9 uploaded ??

    • Directioner

      The rest of the show won’t air till Feb 8. It’s the mid season hiatus

  • John Leasure

    ok what happened to last weeks walking dead……??

  • Ghost

    No episode 9 this week? ~Sad Face~

  • Maryam Jamal

    Episode 9 please?

  • Aneesha Aziz

    Why hasn’t the episodes been updated. Where’s episode 9 season 5. And shouldn’t episode 10 be up now also?

  • allan cabigas

    this is not updated? episode 8 is the latest one here.. how can i watch latest tahn 8??

  • James MedleyWenmoth

    how di i watch this shyt


      start off by getting a brain

  • cathrosey

    update please…

    • allan cabigas

      walking dead isnt back till feb 9th u dumb shit

  • Aneesha Aziz

    Update the damn episodes please… What is going on..

  • Aanchal Joshi

    Download Now => Youmovieset [Dot] Com

  • thecv k


  • thecv k


  • Alyssia Kozakiewiez

    does anybody knows if TWD will be on this site tonight or tommorow ?

  • chica

    Where is episode 9 of TWD?

  • matthew

    i just saw episode 9 on stream of amc and watching better call saul on amc and i am from uk and would love to know when walking dead will be uploaded as my parents watch it and watched breaking bad so they will watch better call saul and hope you upload it

  • Kia Washington

    Its only a bit after 10 PM right now. It will be here later tonight or tomorrow.

  • D roc

    Is the new episode up yet

  • Plottrippin

    Ayyy you know why im here….wheres episode 9? I already warmed my food up and got my snacks out

  • Kden

    When will season 6 be uploaded?

  • cai

    hi any new episode? thanks

  • RoyFrancis

    animal why?
    i like the movie series, animal why?

  • matthew

    where is episode 10

  • Aneesha Aziz

    Season 6 episodes.?


      As soon as you suck this dick bitch

  • Matthew

    episode 11

  • Matthew

    where is episode 12 ?

  • frozenmel

    i love you guys

  • Matthwq

    What happened to the tv schedule that shows when each show is on which day and what time

  • SusanRS

    Hi. Walking Dead Season 5 Episodes 11 & 12 — says it can’t create video code.


      Has it ever occurred to to that there are different tabs you can click on when one isnt working?

  • W

    Your website is not updated. The show guide is not updated for today and you haven’t added videos from Thursday.


      boo hoo

  • gheyfag

    fucking gr8 banter m8

  • gheyfag


  • gheyfag


  • gheyfag


  • gheyfag


  • gheyfag

    teh walking kek

  • Ashlee

    Season 5 episode 16 won’t load!

  • TouchEnergy

    when will you guys have walking dead season 6 up?


      When they finish filming it you mental midget

  • zohaib

    This is the best where is the new episode

  • awesome guy

    where is season 6

  • Versace

    Any clues on when season 6 Is coming up?


      As soon as your mom swallows this dick

  • zohaib

    Where is the next episode


      Up yo ass

      • zohaib

        Up your moms ass

        • UPVOTE GOD

          Nah b its up yo moms pum pum. Lemme get outta her first then you can go look for it

      • zohaib

        Up ur moms ass

  • zohaib


  • THEPRO Gamers

    weres season 6 out?


      When* you moron. Obviously in october