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Release date: 3 March 2013 (USA)
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Drama, Action, History
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Summary: The world of the Vikings is brought to life through the journey of Ragnar Lothbrok, the first Viking to emerge from Norse legend and onto the pages of history – a man on the edge of myth.

Season 4

Season 3

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  • ven derial

    This is all out of order links need updating

  • Ferry

    DeadAdmin, I don’t see any Supernatural Episode, please fix it. Thx.

  • nogard

    Definitely one of the best series for me. Hope you guys bring it along in 2015 when they decide to air season 3. Can’t wait for season 3 release.
    And DeadAdmin, please if you have time, adding collapse sections to the rest of the series would be nice. some of the series still missing previous seasons. Thank you, I’m not rushing, just add whenever you can. Will keep being honest member of this site ^^

  • Kaysa

    Hope to see season 3 Can’t wait

  • Fire

    season 1 ep 2 and 3 have the same videos 🙁 please fix

  • Ana Jez

    Does anyone know when season 3 is coming out?

  • erinluke

    just wanted to say that u guys are fantastic, finding this site has been an absolute godsend and enabled me to watch so many of my favorite shows and find new ones after getting rid of my ridiculously overpriced cable. i would love to see past seasons of family guy, simpsons, ncis, csi etc uploaded to be able to catch up on past seasons..but all in all this site is great-thank u so much!

  • macoy

    Pls release season 3 i can’t w8 to the new king. King Ragnar

  • Rima.Alfa

    Polluted with INappropriate Ads..What is this site becoming..? So disppointed…

  • vikingfan

    can you please fix season 1 episodes 6 to 9 they are not working and the one that does work exits out of the episode and you have to load it again!! thank you

  • Tony Neer

    Season 1 Episode three can’t create video code. Please fix this soon, I am absolutely loving the series.

    • Tony Neer

      And on episode 5 and beyond, please help.

  • Fitz

    1 day to go!!! gee up

  • James

    soooo….. where is Season 3?

    • James

      it just aired on tv….. so why isn’t it on here?

  • Thomas Ramskov Lindstrøm

    Next episode is here!! 😀

  • Mehgos

    what happened to episode 4?

    • Luke

      I would assume its because of the server downage last night, it seems alot of episodes from different shows didnt get updated yet. I would give them the rest of today to update it.

  • aman12345

    So no 4th episode?

    • Luke

      Read the facebook page, they are having problems updating the shows. Said it will prob take a couple days at least.

      • aman12345

        As I do not do face book.. I guess that answers as to why I did not know. Thanks any ways for the infrmation.

        • Thomas Ramskov Lindstrøm

          If you are desperate for your fix, look up the site called: Streamallthis. That has the new episode 🙂

  • kc

    something happened to the website- all the episodes are missing from 3-12-15 to present ?

  • david

    why has season 3 gone? will it be back? cant find episode 4 anywhere :'(

  • Thomas Ramskov Lindstrøm

    Alle these new episodes are wrong 😛 season 1 is 2 and vice versa

  • kc

    the website is hacked or it crashed down and the episodes for all shows from 3-12 through 3-16 are still missing. some may work while others are simply gone and need to be up loaded again.

  • Casteal

    Hello dead admin what happened to season three its gone why ?


    What happened to season 3!?!

  • erinluke

    hello where is season three pleeease.!!!! this site has been offline, in maintenence, and totally inane with pop ups all over making viewing impossible even when the site was loading for almost a week now, i was relieved to see it seemed fixed but now ur missing seasons, episodes, i really hoped with the amount of timethe site has been down and having maintenence done that when it came back up it would be ALL good to go.. but i guess its a work in progress!

  • erinluke

    also, why the changes to the site? it seems to have more pop ups now more than ever-and now whats up with these ads??? that just come up on the screen, i have been using this site for a while now and i LOVE it- but it was so much less confusing before. u have so many download, watch in h d, crap all over the place, WHY??? before it was click on x to stop pop ups, and hit play..for all my videos, vidspot, blah blah.. now so much crap comes up-WHY???? what is the need for alll that crap??? and what is the deal with the watch now thing, then u click it and it wants u to sign up and put in credit card info what is all this crap?? its ur site why did u guys make it so godawful confusing ??? it was MUCH BETTER EASIER AND worked a hell of a lot betterand more CONSISTENTLY before. and i dont get why i click on the x to CLOSE pop ups, yet it does the exact opposite what do u know, im on how to stuff a fat chimichanga popup. cant u keep them off ur site??

    • Xantares

      adguard adblocker will pretty much neutralize the adds with Google Chrome. But yeah Season 3 was up to episode 4 and then episode 5 should have aired but now season 3 isn’t showing anymore.

    • Iris

      I don’t know if you know this but a FREE website like this is a lot of work especially if no one is paying you to do it. The pop-ups you’re complaining about are coming from the websites the videos are linked to such as Youwatch, Vidspot, etc. not Series Cravings. I, personally, have not had any pop-up requesting my payment information so it sounds like you may have been redirected to one of those scam sites that downloads a virus onto your computer. The funds allocated from the ads you’re complaining about probably keep this site running because it’s not free for whoever owns it. So, maybe next time you could show some appreciation and respect for the person/people who make this possible instead of throwing a temper tantrum? I’m sure if you did, they’d be more inclined to take your suggestions into consideration should you decide to make any.

    • dd

      I just read all your comments and holy your a doosh bag. this guy is doing this for free and all you can do is whine. wawa erin go blow luke.

  • Stephen thompson

    what happened to S3? wasn’t The Wanderer the last episode? shouldn’t we be on S3 E3 or E4 ?

  • christophe campe

    Thank you very much admins,
    for your efforts and restoring vikings

    Greetz Christophe

  • PkerLv

    Damn.This is so good series site.Probably one of the best i have visited and watched Tv series. Great job.Hope it will raise above all others.

  • danny_gray_87

    When will season 3 episode 10 be updated?

  • rosanne addy

    when I the season finale on

  • Dear Admin!, I can’t see any new episodes of season4 which is at 11-20 please short it out for all thanks