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Release date: 6 October 2013 (USA)
Status: Canceled, Season 2
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller
External Link: , Wiki, Official Site
Summary: Based on Melissa de la Cruz’s best-selling novel, Witches of East End centers on Joanna Beauchamp (Julia Ormond) and her two daughters: Freya (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) and Ingrid (Rachel Boston), who are unknowingly their family’s next generation of witches.

Season 2

Season 1

  • Kiki

    Where is the new episode

  • Jennifer Upthegrove

    The brothers grimoire … link is broken ๐Ÿ™

  • dallas

    Where is episode 5? ๐Ÿ™

    • Episode 5 will air on 8/10/2014

      • Marilyn Lanier

        can you put the newest episode up please

  • Nikki Falcon

    Yes please post episode 5!!!!

  • Luis

    Is broken this

  • Ttv

    The sound doesn’t match the picture!! Link is broken. Same goes for True Blood.

    • kristina

      everything’s fine with true blood.. go through other links

    • We already fixed the video. From True blood to Witches of east end, Falling Skies and The Leftovers

  • Lyn

    Something is wrong with episode 5. It skipped a good 5 minutes of the show but was still playing the voices of the missing scene.

  • Guest

    this episode is fucked up

  • Nikki Falcon

    Thanks for always loading the shows I love.. love you guys!!!!!!! Awesome job!

  • katima

    please upload The Lottery series… Thank You

    • Will do.

      • Marilyn Lanier

        When will Lottery be up?

        • Will ad it today, i promise.

        • Lottery is already added on the list. Enjoy!

  • Karaan

    where is episode 8? im getting very angryyyy i wanna watch it!!!!

    • carrie

      give it a rest will you moaning dont see me monaing cos episode 8 isnt up your getting the site for free what more do you want i can unstand if you were paying for it but your not just like myself and everyone else the admin are doing there best after being hacked into and reinstalling every episode off every program so shut your yap and wait like the rest of us !!!!

    • Relax, if you go to imdb you can check out when episode 8 will come out and it will be on 09/07/2014. Don’t get mad at us, tell LIFETIME Channel that you are mad. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • kittensmittens

        just looked on imbd and it is saying they aired episode 8 on the 31/08/2014 and the next one is on the 07/09/2014 still can not find episode 8 hun xx

        • It just aired on tv 13 hours ago.. It’s already posted 13 hours ago also. Please check back the page.

          • kittensmittens

            thank you hun i think imdb get it so wrong sometimes

  • boo

    Where is episode 8

  • Claire

    Where is episode 8!!!!

  • Anon

    My complaint.
    Why do only the new episodes work ?! Ive tried all the episodes and it’s only the newest one working. Fix it please

  • Brookelyn

    When is episode 10 coming on

  • Joyce Jamrock

    there’s no video in season 1 episode 1??

  • Estella Eva Nightingale

    Hi, so if I want to watch as soon as the new episode airs does that mean I can stream from this website as it’s being aired? Thanks!

  • Jacqui McGeever


  • Est

    I’m on an iPad can someone tell me how to watch without joining china chest and giving my bank details?

  • CLbee

    The link for Homeland isn’t working. It goes to imdb.

  • Jace

    What’s up with the 13 episode? Isn’t there suppose to be two of them?

  • Jacqui McGeever


  • Lala

    Aparently the show has been cancelled ๐Ÿ™ is it true?

    • Sarah Vining

      Sadly ๐Ÿ™

  • Nikki Falcon

    Will thr be a season 3?

  • unKNOWn

    wow the show is cancelled because they are losing viewers lol :/

  • rachel

    witches of eastwick was cancelled 11/4/14. Lifetimeโ€™s supernatural drama about the all-powerful Beauchamp family has been cancelled after just two seasons, TVLine has confirmed.

  • rznblealxndra

    I cant play the season 2 episode 7. why?

  • rznblealxndra

    @nips101:disqus Until season 2 only? why some episodes wont play?

  • markuz

    When will you release the new season of W.E.E?

  • Devour509

    It keeps saying error establishing a database connection. What Should I Do Or Is It The Site? Or?

  • Sarah Vining

    I am sooo sad they cancelled this show ๐Ÿ™