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Young & Hungry ABC Family

Release date: 25 June 2014 (USA)
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Comedy, Family, Cooking/Food
External Link: , Wiki, Official Site
Summary: A spunky food blogger becomes the personal chef of a young tech entrepreneur.

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  • Sara

    Where is episode 3

  • liv

    Where’s episode six?

  • Kasey

    Why won’t it play all of episode 8?

  • Emily

    please fix episode 8!!!!

  • jake

    why does this shit pop up when i click on z nation!!!

  • Greylocke

    I think what jake is trying to say and failed miserably is .. this link is incorrect. Clicking on the Z Nation link brings the viewer to Young & Hungry.

    • wlloyd1671

      Similar thing happens if you click on ‘Garfunkel and Oates’ you get ‘Graceland’ instead.

  • cynthia

    clicked on Z nation and young and hungry came up. Really wanting to see Z Nation.

  • Dofuss

    Link to Z Nation is Broken. Please fix.

  • Danielle

    so z nation is still not fixed?

  • Susan K Monaghan

    Still . Broken

  • katima

    can you please fix the link for Z NATION

  • john shepard

    So many bitchy comments, they will fix it so you can stfu now

  • Name

    Why did I think this was a vampire movie 0,0

  • Emily

    Everytime I click on s2e5 it keeps taking me to s2e4 anyone else getting this?

  • such a good show. 😛 🙂 😀